Finally, the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger is going to happen

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It has been a long time coming, but finally T Mobile and Sprint have announced a merger of the two companies with a focus on driving deployment on 5G broadband service across the United States of America. After over 3 years of dancing around it, it looks like the T-Mobile-Sprint merger is finally going to happen.

T-Mobile is the USA’s 3rd largest wireless carrier, while Sprint is the 4th largest carrier. Both companies are operated by German Deutsche Telekom and Japanese SoftBank respectively. The two foreign firms will end up with shares in the new T-Mobile.

The New Company: T Mobile

The new, combined company will be retaining the T-Mobile brand name and have John Legere as Chief Executive Officer, while Mike Sievert will serve as President and Chief Operating Officer.

The new T-Mobile will attempt to upset things in the US telecoms market by challenging the dominance of AT&T and Verizon to deliver lower tariffs and nationwide 5G wireless deployment. This will include providing 5G services in rural areas of the country.

T mobile - Tmobile-Sprint merger

This merger will make T-Mobile the 2nd largest US carrier with 100 million customers, and just a little shy of Verizon’s 116 million users.

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