Tag Heuer Connected: When a smartwatch costs $10,000

Late last year, we shared about  a very cool Android smartwatch. About a month later, we saw the same smartwatch started selling like hot cakes. The Tag Heuer Connected (as it was called) cost $1500 at the time. Let’s not forget, Tag Heuer is a Swiss brand that designs, manufactures and markets watches, fashion accessories, and eye wear.

The company has just upgraded the watch somewhat. Same design and looks, but covered in solid rose gold. This new version will set you back by $9,900. Given the price, it will be sold only in retail stores.

Tag Heuer Connected Specs

The watch has a big 1.5” circle display with 360 x 360 px resolution (240ppi). It is powered by an Intel dual-core chip (for wearables). There’s 1GB of RAM and 4GB storage. A 410 mAh battery inside it, will carry for 25 hours of usage. It supports Android 4.3+ and iOS 8.2+.

In this period of change, who would cough out that premium price for a smartwatch? Is the rose gold overlay worth it? What do you think?


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