WiFi and 4G LTE are both wireless protocols for delivering Internet access to device. Here are all the ways LTE is different from Wi-Fi.

how is LTE Different from Wi-Fi

How Is LTE Different from Wi-Fi?

WiFi and 4G LTE are both wireless protocols for delivering Internet access to device. Here are all the ways LTE is different from Wi-Fi.

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Rwanda nationwide 4G

Rwanda achieves 95% nationwide 4G coverage

Rwanda has hit a milestone in its deployment of 4G mobile broadband. The east-central African country has achieved 95% nationwide 4G coverage. The Rwanda nationwide 4G coverage…

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Smile 4G LTE

In Ibadan, Glo and MTN 4G LTE services have gone AWOL

The first commercial 4G LTE network in Nigeria (and indeed West Africa) was launched in Ibadan in February 2013 by Smile Communications. This was long before Lagosians…

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ntel 4G LTE network quietly enters Port-Harcourt

With a fairly established presence in Lagos and Abuja, Nigerian 4G LTE provider, nTel, has found its way to the coastal city of Port-Harcourt. To all the…

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2G Service

This network provider shut down its 2G service; Here’s why

Over the years, the increase use of internet and social media has affected many thing. There had to be an upgrade to the means of data transfer….

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MTN - logo

How do I use the free 4 GB data MTN gave me?

Yesterday morning, MTN gifted me 4 GB of free data with a validity of 7 days. They claimed it should be used only on a 4G enabled…

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ntel VOXHD app

Ntel’s VOXHD app will let you call and text over LTE

Nigerian 4G/LTE network provider has just announced a new app for Android smartphone users. It will allow Ntel subscribers make calls and sent texts over cellular 4G/LTE…

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My experiences with 4G LTE on Glo, Etisalat and MTN

I have had the opportunity to use 4G LTE on three of the four mobile networks in Nigeria. Those networks are: Glo, Etisalat, and MTN. As Airtel…

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4G logo- first 4G network

When was the first 4G network launched?

4G LTE technology has been around for a few years. 4G means “fourth generation”. Let’s not dive into technical jargon. Simply put, 4G means faster internet speed….

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etisalat 4g nigeria

Pssst: We found an Etisalat 4G network!

While everyone’s attention has been on MTN, Ntel and InterC, Etisalat Nigeria has been quietly building their own 4G LTE network. And now, that network is live…

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Mister Mobility duh tired

All these 5Mbps 4G networks! *hiss* 

After a while, even the most positive and optimistic person (in this case, me) begins to get tired. In the last few months, I have tied out…

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4G tests

Huawei GR3 4G tests

The Huawei GR3 is a 4G LTE smartphone that supports Smile’s LTE band 20(800) and Ntel’s 3(1800) / 8(900) band on paper. But as you may already…

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Cellcom Liberia 4G

Cellcom Liberia launches 4G LTE network after years of hype

Cellcom Liberia is the GSM operator that was acquired earlier this year by Orange. It is the same operator that launched a 3.75G (HSPA+) network in 2012…

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Opinion: Why Ntel will not be Nigeria’s data saviour

Hope, faith, and belief are the one of the many things religion teaches us to keep body and soul in one piece. In our country Nigeria, these…

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Be ready!! Ntel is coming this March

It is no longer news that our foremost telecommunication operator, NITEL, has new owners. Earlier reports hinted the new company would roll out operations in November 2015,…

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