This app adds an extra swag to your navigation bar

Navbar app

The most common way of customizing your Android device would be to use launchers, with a couple of themes installed. Some may go ahead to root their phones, install Xposed framework, and do more serious tweaks and customizations. It can get to the extent of flashing ROMs with other built-in features. Yes, Android gives us that freedom. On the flip side, this app called Navbar App, introduces a new cool way of customizing just your navigation bar. The Navbar App features This Navbar App allows you the luxury of customizing…

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CrossOver: Run Windows PC Apps on your Android tablet

Did you know? There’s a way to install and run Windows PC apps on your Android device? Well, that’s technology for you. Recall, about a year ago, I wrote about an app in the works that would enable us run Windows apps on our Android device. Here it is, say hello to CrossOver. After almost three years of development, CodeWeavers (the company responsible) is finally sharing a working preview on Google Play. It will disappointed to know that it works on Android devices with an Intel chip. Tablets and Chromebooks are…

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Turn your pictures to beautiful paintings with Prisma


News is flying around that Prisma is now available on Android. Surprised at the jubilation, I went ahead to find out what it is all about. Lo and behold! It was a picture editing app – with a very unique swagger. I tried it out and thought to share my experience with it and show us how it works. Prisma app basically turns your pictures to artistic paintings. Take a picture, select one of the many effects available and apply them to your picture. You can also select old pictures…

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WhatsApp is the king of Messaging apps worldwide!! Check this out

Whatsapp-Logo-shadow size

Yes, we all know that WhatsApp is popular, but I’m guessing you never envisaged it would be like this. Let me clarify, web analytics site, SimilarWeb compiled Android app data usage in 187 countries worldwide, and these were the result. First of all, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, leading in 107 countries – that’s about 55% of the world!! It covered the whole of South America, almost all of Africa, and many other countries in Europe, and Asia. In second place is Facebook’s Messenger, dominating in 49 countries…

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This app will help you search and compare phone specifications

Phone freaks in the house, here’s something you might like. Do you wanna to do a quick side by side comparison of phones? Then this might be your go to app. The name is Mr.Phone. Using it is easy, and it allows you compare the specs of phones. It also covers a not so wide range of brands. See some of the app’s key features: Search for any phone and see the full description of product. In depth details are provided, also with high quality images. Ability to Tap on the…

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Every time an alternative OS wants to run Android apps….

Android apps ultrasonic tones

You know the drill. The developers of an alternative OS to Android come up with the claim that their platform and devices will be able to run Android apps. BlackBerry 10 OS. Sailfish OS. Other platforms that have proposed same include: Tizen OS, Windows 10 Mobile and Firefox OS. I probably left out a thousand other platforms that were once rumoured or that once promised the ability to run Android apps. Please fill in the gap. But it is all getting tiring. As we saw with BB10 OS, Android apps…

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10 useful Android applications to install and start using now

Screenshot_Flash Share

Are you new to Android and looking for applications (apps) to install? Or perhaps you’re not exactly new but would still love to have a list of apps that will serve you excellently. Here are ten (10) for you to start with: WhatsApp WhatsApp has become so universal that if you are not using it, you are missing out. It is the new SMS. But it is SMS on fleek. You can set up Groups e.g. for your family, inner clique, or even to provide tutorials to a class or…

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BlackBerry uploads all the PRIV apps to Google Play Store


The Blackberry Priv is almost here!! Pre-orders have started already for the phone. Remember that this phone will be officially launched on the 6th of November. Probably in preparation for this, BlackBerry has uploaded to Google Play Store, all the custom apps they made for this device. This means that these apps will work on other Android devices. Sad part is that the apps aren’t available for download yet. We’re guessing this situation is pending till the official launch of the phone. This is also a good move. Instead of…

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B2Gdroid: How to install Firefox OS on any Android smartphone

Firefox OS

Android users in the house, if you’re bored with the monotonous look of your device and have need to spice things up, this might just be what you need. B2Gdroid app brings the Firefox OS user interface to your Android device. It’s more like a skin and doesn’t need any form of rooting or installation of custom recovery. This app brings changes to your home screen, App drawer, Notifications screen, Settings menu and multitasking screen. It’s still in beta stage so don’t expect everything to be perfect. But be rest…

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