Android OS

Over 88% of smartphone users in the world own an Android Smartphone. And why shouldn’t they? Android smartphones provide lot more features than any other platform. manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and many others power their smartphones with the Android platform. This article lists the 5 best Android Tips in 2017 that could be […]

flash keep up

Apple was on the global stage again yesterday claiming a number of “firsts” and announcing “innovative” new features as it announced its latest iPhone. Well, Qualcomm wouldn’t hve any of that. the chip maker has taken it upon itself to set the records straight on behalf of its Android smartphone manufacturers. The list of Android […]

Bixby Vision

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has Bixby Vision, a feature intended to make your pocket assistant even more useful. With Bixby Vision, you can search for images like what your camera is currently viewing, shop for items, translate text on the go, and so much more. Here are instructions on how to use it: HOW TO OPEN […]

Google delete unused backups

Apart from the annual Android updates, Google releases security updates every month. These correct flaws in the system. The objective is to ensure continued protection for users and to react quickly to security problems that could arise. Now, to make sure that the Android platform stays secure, Google has a monthly security update program for […]

Smart Lock

Locking our smartphones to prevent unauthorized access is pretty much a no-brainer. However, unlocking said smartphones tends to be monotonous, and sometimes difficult. But if you own a relatively new Android smartphone, you do not need to bother with such issues. A new feature, known as Smart Lock, can automatically unlock your phone without prompting […]