How to print from an iPhone via AirPrint


Nowadays you don’t need a computer for all your basic printing needs. Your smartphone is good enough. You can print documents directly from your iPhone or iPad in no time. There are plenty of options for printing whatever you need to print, and the best inkjet printers and photo printers on the market have made the task of wireless printing from an iOS device really easy. This was achieved using Apple AirPrint functionality and a number of native and third-party apps that make use of our local Wi-Fi network for…

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Kylie Jenner models Apple’s luxury brand headphones

Kylie Jenner

Fans of high-grade luxury items will love the new Beats’ Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Balmain Special Edition. The Apple-owned brand teamed up with the French fashion house to produce this luxury set of headphones, which look quite gorgeous in beige and gold and cost a mere $599.99. Surely change for the likes of popular reality show star Kylie Jenner, who models the headphones in the advert for the luxury brand device. The Beats website also has some insights into Kylie Jenner’s personal musical philosophy: “No matter what you’re going through,…

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Tips on how to use Apple Music effectively

Apple Music

Apple Music was redesigned in 2016 in an effort to streamline the app. While this has largely been successful, it is still quite easy to lose your way while searching for specific tracks. After all, Apple Music has over 40 million songs. Therefore, here are some tips to help you navigate Apple Music more effectively: VIEW ALBUM OF SONG BEING PLAYED When you discover a new song in a playlist, check for the artist and album info from the Now Playing panel. Tap on then and Apple Music opens the…

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The AirBar adds touchscreen function to the MacBook Air


MacBooks are known for having a lot of features. However, a touchscreen is not of these features. This has left some Macbook users wondering when Apple would include a touchscreen in a MacBook, seeing as a lot of other laptops now have touchscreens. However, there’s a device now that adds touch functions to the MacBook Air laptop. This is a USB-connected sensor bar , called the AirBar, that attaches to the bottom edge of the display. The AirBar sends a beam of light from a slim, sleek bar that attaches…

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