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Make the transition from blogger to blogging business

The transition from being a blogger to running a blogging business is everything if you want to generate sustainable income.

If you have it in you, being a blogger is an awesome thing. Like me, you will enjoy cranking out post after post. Fascinating posts! And your readers will love your writing.

You can achieve a lot as a great blogger. I single-handedly blogged MobilityArena to stardom. For years, I churned out 3 to 12 posts daily on the blog. I loved it, so it was the most beautiful thing in the world creating those posts.

I would write and write, and readers and brands loved it. However, no matter how good one man is, he will hit a ceiling one day. And I hit mine.

Even worse, I was leaving money on the table. You do not want to do that. In this article, I introduce you to the steps to take to turn your blog into a blogging business.

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