Yahoo is up for sale!! Guess who’s buying ?


If you didn’t know before now, Yahoo is dying. As at 2000, the company was worth $255 billion. Today, they are valued at about $34 billion. See how the mighty have fallen. There is pressure to sell off Yahoo, and bidders are already submitting offers. People interested in buying include media companies, such as the Daily Mail and Time Inc. Other companies such as Verizon, Quicken Loans, TPG are also keen on bidding. Offers have already been made, ranging from $3.5 billion to over $5 billion. Word has it that Mozilla is…

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How Opera will soon be bought by a Chinese consortium

The popular Opera browser we know will soon be bought over by a group of Chinese companies. As reported by Techcrunch, the company’s share holders voted in favor of the deal, which can get to the tune of $1.2 billion. Meanwhile the deal is yet to be completed, as they await approvals from authorities in Norway and China. Senior staff in Opera disclosed that the decision is entirely the decision of the shareholders. This hasn’t stopped the company from improving and adding new features to their PC and mobile apps.…

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Chinese Consortium tables $1.2 billion to buy Opera

A Chinese group has indicated interest to buy out Opera. The group, comprising owners of Kunlun, Qihoo 360, is also backed with investment funds, Golden Brick and Yonglian. A $1.2 billion bid has already been presented to Opera, and the company has put it into consideration. Opera CEO said in a statement: “There is strong strategic and industrial logic to the acquisition of Opera by the Consortium,” “The Consortium’s ownership will strengthen Opera’s position to serve our users and partners with even greater innovation and to accelerate our plans of expansion…

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