steering wheel vibration

Sometimes when you drive, you might experience vibrations in your steering wheel. This could be really frustrating. It’s also quite tiresome to hold on to a steering wheel that won’t stay put. There are several reasons for steering wheel vibration, which include the following: YOUR TIRES ARE OUT OF BALANCE This is one of the […]

transmission slipping

There are three types of transmissions available in vehicles today. These are automatic transmission, manual transmission, and continuously variable transmission (CVT). The latter is not as common as the other two. Now, there could be times when your transmission slips, which means the car revs but does not supply power to the wheels. There are […]

bad alternator

Your car alternator is a simple generator which produces an alternating current. It does one important thing, however: it keeps your car battery charged. Without this device, your car battery would run down real fast, and thus your car would not be able to start. Also, the alternator supplies a little more electricity, so each […]

Common brake problems

If your car’s brakes fail, it is a huge problem. If this happens while you are on the road, it is quite difficult to slow down, and this could lead to a crash. Brake problems are quite daunting if you do not know what causes them. Therefore, you might want to know some common brake […]

car thermostat

Your car engine works at a temperature range of roughly 82 C and 99 C. To make sure your engine does not exceed this range, your car makes use of a thermostat. This is a device that responds to changes in temperature by opening or closing a valve to control coolant flow between the radiator […]