Some types of brake noises and what to do about them

brakes and brake noises

Brake noises are a common issue in vehicles, and they can be quite annoying if you have to hear them for too long. However, these noises can be symptoms of bigger issues with your car. therefore, when you hear brake noises, endeavor to have your car checked out. In any case, there are some things you could try out to fix your brakes when they begin to make any sort of sound. Here they are: GRINDING NOISE This is caused by a lack of brake pad material on your brakes.…

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Reasons why you should not drive on a flat tire

flat tire

Once a car tire loses a large amount of air pressure, it results in a flat tire. There are several reasons for a flat tire on a car, which could include overuse, improper air pressure, and punctures. Now, driving on such a tire can cause increased wear on the tire and various other damage.  Here are some reasons why you should not drive on a flat tire: YOU COULD DAMAGE THE TIRE BEYOND REPAIR If a flat tire is driven for long periods of time, it could end up costing…

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