Adventure games abound on the internet. A lot of them are quite interesting. Some of them are really fun to play. The Frankenstein Wars is one of…

The Frankenstein Wars

The Frankenstein Wars depend on your decisions

Adventure games abound on the internet. A lot of them are quite interesting. Some of them are really fun to play. The Frankenstein Wars is one of…

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, best RCT game in years

A lot of PC games have made quite an entrance into the mobile market. Some of these games have become huge hits too. One of the most…

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Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex Go is a callback to classic point-and-click games

Point-and-click PC games appear to be making a comeback on mobile devices. One good example is Deus Ex Go. This game is strikingly similar to Hitman Go…

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Racing Wars

Racing Wars takes street racing to an absurd level

A lot of racing games make you focus simply on crossing the finish line finish line first. Some others add twists to the races. However, there are…

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes, the first Android Nintendo game

Fire Emblem Heroes is the first Nintendo game for smartphones. Or at least, it is the first that was designed specifically for Android smartphones. Therefore, it is…

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Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a surprisingly realistic smash hit

There are loads of endless runner games out there now. However, not all of them are really enjoyable. But you could try out Smash Hit, to see…

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La Liga Puzzle Quest

La Liga Puzzle Quest is just puzzling

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? A lot of people have asked this question, yet failed to get a definitive answer. Well, you don’t need to ask anymore….

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HabitRPG rewards you for completing your daily tasks

There are two types of people in the world. There are people that can get things done without any trouble, and there are those that require some…

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Crash Club

Crash Club, for those who love to smash things

Do you sometimes feel the need to smash things? Or at least, crash a video game car into a barrier? Here’s a game that does exactly that….

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Jumping Joe!

Jumping Joe!: Help the square get higher

Jumping games have been popular on Android ever since Doodle Jump was released in 2013. However, there have been several knockoffs of that game. Here’s a new…

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color switch

Color Switch is one game you cannot put down

There are some games that you simply cannot put down. Color Switch is one of those games. It tests your concentration and reflexes, and it is also…

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OK Golf

OK Golf is not merely OK, it’s fantastic

If you love golf and you love mobile games, you’ll definitely want to check out a combination of both things. OK Golf is not real golf in…

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snake game puts a twist on the classic Snake game

Arcade games are fun. A lot of them are wildly popular around the world. In fact, one of the most popular has gained iconic status: the Snake…

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zombie games

Zombie games are a great way to let off steam

Zombie games are quite popular around the world. There is a thrilling feeling you get from pumping the undead full of lead. Zombies in general don’t have…

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Battle Bay, sequel to Angry Birds

Battle Bay is the latest from the creators of Angry Birds

A few years ago, the first Angry Birds mobile game was released. That game was a huge hit, with millions of downloads all over the world, and…

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