How to speed up Chrome on Android by making it eat up less RAM

Google Chrome browser is heavy no doubt, you feel it’s bloat especially on Androids with 1GB RAM and below. Here’s a little trick to make Google Chrome run faster on your mobile phone: Tap on the address bar and enter the following URL, then press Enter to confirm it: chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area A new menu appears, and the option “Maximum tiles for interest area” is highlighted in yellow. Tap the Default button directly below it, a drop-down menu appears from which you select either 256MB or 512MB. (These values represent how much RAM memory…

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Checkout this dinosaur game on your Chrome browser

Chrome mobile app for Android incognito mode

If you’re a regular user of Google Chrome browser, both on PC and mobile, you’ll notice that whenever internet connection is bad, a dinosaur appears on the screen, with an accompanying error message. “Server not found” or “Web page not available”, or You are offline… (See screenshot above). It appears the dinosaur is a mini addictive game. On your mobile simply tap the dinosaur and gaming begins. As you tap the dinosaur jumps the hurdles and you gain points. If you’re on PC press the direction keys on your keyboard…

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