Google will automatically delete unused backups after two months

A lot of Android users store backups of their devices on Google Drive. However, not many people know about Google’s scheme to delete unused backups. Google will automatically schedule to delete unused backups of your Android device if the device is not active for more than two months. Google allows for backups of your device. […]

Google is redesigning its privacy and security user dashboard

In an attempt to make Google’s privacy and security user dashboard more touchscreen-friendly, the company will soon be rolling out design changes on the dashboard. This will also make users be more aware of which Google products are storing their data. in other words, there’s a new way to get more data from Google. In […]

Google Voice bug prevents incoming messages

Google Voice has been under a bit of scrutiny recently. Some users have discovered problems in the service, one of which is the inability to receive text messages. This issue was confirmed by a number of people. However, none of these people elaborated on the matter. Right now, Google is in the process of investigating […]

Google launches the anti-extremist video initiative

Google has made a lot of efforts in combating extremism and terrorism online. The latest action by the company is the anti-extremist video initiative, which is geared towards combating content associated with terrorism and other related themes, which seek to radicalize viewers or propound extremist views. This is the most severe set of techniques employed […]