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Where are the Phantom 8 Plus and Zero 5 Plus phones?

TECNO Phantom 8 galaxy blue

In 2016, Transsion’s darling boys, TECNO Mobile and Infinix Mobility, both decided to offer two flavours of their flagship models. And so, they gave us the Phantom 6, phantom 6 Plus, Zero 4, and ZeroRead More

Check out the HandL Butt Case, which looks like a butt

HandL Butt Case

There have been a lot of iPhone products and accessories, and one of the most popular iPhone accessory s the iPhone case. There are loads of options if you want an iPhone case, and ifRead More

Are the big iPhone models cannibalising the iPad?

bigger iphones

Once upon a time, in a different age, Apple derided phablets. Psst: If you didn’t already know, a phablet is a large phone, usually with a display of 5.5-inch or above. Of course, Apple deridesRead More