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Where are the Phantom 8 Plus and Zero 5 Plus phones?

TECNO Phantom 8 galaxy blue

In 2016, Transsion’s darling boys, TECNO Mobile and Infinix Mobility, both decided to offer two flavours of their flagship models. And so, they gave us the Phantom 6, phantom 6 Plus, Zero 4, and ZeroRead More

This is the right way to unlock iPhones

iPhone jailbreaking

There are certain companies that sell locked iPhones. These smartphones can only be used with one network, and we all know that this is not convenient. There are a lot of folks who claim toRead More

All these smartphones want to be like the iPhone

iPhone storage

It is said that the highest form of flattery is imitation. From the iPhone 5s to the 6s, the iPhone’s design lines have triggered an iPhone lookalike movement. A number of manufacturers are pushing hardRead More

It Begins? iPhone Sales Expected To Nose Dive In 2016

Things might not be looking good for Apple in 2016 if a recent report is to be believed. Apple Shares  dipped on Wednesday on growing expectations that the New York company might sell fewer iPhonesRead More

How to trade-in your old iPhone for iPhone 6


iPhone users in Nigeria can trade in their phone for a new one, courtesy of iStore in Ikeja Mall, Lagos. The trade-in is for 50% of the value of their current phone. Buyers can trade-inRead More