Why there is no BB9, Windows 9 and iPhone 9

number 9 in marketing bb9 windows 9 iPhone 9

There is a reason why there is no BB9, Windows 9 and iPhone 9. Mister Mo gives an insight into why some mobile phone and tech brands have avoided the number 9. BlackBerry skipped 9 and gave us BB10. Windows and Windows Mobile skipped 9 and went from Windows 8 to 10. Apple has skipped 9 too and given us iPhone 8 and iPhone X (the “X” is for 10). There is a simple reason why mobile phone brands are skipping the number 9. There is a reason why there…

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The iPhone 9 might have an L shaped battery

iphone battery

The Apple iPhone 8 is still a while away from the official release date. But this has not stopped Apple from making plans for the next iPhone, according to reports. Apparently, Apple has chosen LG Chem as the exclusive supplier of batteries for the iPhone 9, set to be released in 2018. According to an unnamed source, LG has apparently invested hundreds of billions of South Korean won specifically for manufacturing facilities, and will begin full-scale production early next year. Also, the source added that the iPhone 9 will likely…

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