Apple Limits Number Of Online iPhone Purchases

Apple iPhone 11 pro

Apple is currently limiting the number of iPhone customer purchases through online stores in a number of countries including the United States and China to two handsets per individual. This new move by Apple may be connected to the effects of the Coronavirus on supply chains in various countries, with most countries on lockdown due … Read more

Apple Cancels March Event, Delays Launch Of The iPhone SE2 Due To Lower Demand

Apple iPhone SE2 Launch delayed

Earlier reports suggesting that Apple could postpone the launch of the iPhone SE2 have been confirmed, with Apple coming out to explain the motive behind this decision. Apple had planned to launch the iPhoneSE2 at an event in March, with the device expected to hit the market in the first week of April, but a … Read more

iPhone Gets New Facebook Messenger App With Faster Speeds

Facebook Messenger Rooms now accepts 50 users on a free video call new update

Social communications company Facebook has launched a new version of its popular Messenger app for the iPhone. This app is said to be faster, smaller and simpler than before, while also boasting a number of new features. On the coding side, Facebook has managed to turn 1.7 million lines of code to a more reasonable … Read more

Apple To Pay Up To $500 million Settlements Over Slow Device Speeds of Older Models

Apple iPhone 11 pro

Today, Apple agreed to pay an amount that could rise up to $500 million dollars to settle claims from various quarters that the smartphone company had intentionally slowed down older models of the iPhone. This means that every affected iPhone user could get $25 from Apple over this discrepancy. Apple and lawyers representing iPhone users … Read more