Asus VivoBook W202

The Microsoft Surface Laptop came with the one-of –a-kind Windows 10 S. This was unexpected, as the operating system was judged to be below the standard for such range of laptops. In other words, Windows 10 S should be loaded on cheaper devices than the Surface laptop. That remains to be seen. However, the Asus […]

chromebook flip c302

Chomebooks are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because they are becoming much more than just cheap netbooks. Google thinks that these devices can be your man computing device, thus recent models tend to look better and have better build quality. Asus released their own Chromebook recently. This device is known as […]

EVGA SC17 laptop

Gamers, there’s a new laptop in town. Meet the EVGA SC17 laptop, or rather the latest in the SC17 line from graphics card and motherboard maker EVGA. This laptop packs a 17.3-inch screen, Nvidia GeForce GFX 1080 graphics, and Intel’s seventh-generation Core i7-7820HK unlocked processor. The other models of the SC17 line are based on […]

Chuwi LapBook 12.3

Apple’s MacBook Air is a pretty great laptop. Thus, it has spawned several look-alikes and copycats. However, not a lot of these copycat ultrabooks cost just $300. The Chuwi LapBook 123 is one of those that cost that little. However, this means that the device only compares to the MacBook Air in appearance. Chuwi is […]

Asus Transformer Pro T304

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is the most iconic detachable tablet, and it has maintained a significant lead in the Windows 2-in-1 market, in both performances and mindshare. However, other OEM partners have joined the fray, and there have been several devices that compete with the Surface Pro, with varying success. The Asus Transformer Pro T304 is […]