New smartphone security flaw attacks phones’ WiFi chip

Security flaw

Despite Apple’s and Google’s best efforts to keep our smartphones safe, new smartphone vulnerabilities keep coming up. Most times, these are exclusive to a device, or perhaps several versions of a device’s firmware, and these are usually dealt with swiftly. However, there’s a new security flaw has been discovered that goes beyond operating systems and delivers malware in a way that has not been seen before. This security flaw attacks a phone’s Wi-Fi chip. Now, because multiple manufacturers source their wireless equipment from the same company, t can be carried…

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Phones with Adups software send private info to China

You might have heard of the Blu R1 HD. This is the top selling phone on Amazon, and for good reason; it costs just $60. However, last November researchers found out something about the phone that raised more than a few eyebrows. The phone caught sending private data to China. The company behind the spying software, Shanghai Adups Technology, called this a mistake. However, it has been discovered that the software provider is still doing the same thing on other phones. Now, however, the software has become more secretive about…

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Malware alert: CopyCat roots devices and hijacks apps

malware CopyCat

There’s a new strain of Android malware making the rounds right now. It is known as CopyCat, and so far the malware has infected over 14 million devices worldwide. According to researchers at Checkpoint, the malware basically roots devices and hijacks apps to make millions in fraudulent revenue. The majority of the devices affected by the CopyCat malware are in Asia right now, but this does not mean that devices in other places are safe. Right now, there are at least 280,000 Android devices affected by CopyCat in the US.…

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Beware of WhatsApp Gold Edition

whatsapp gold edition

If you receive a notification inviting you to download a special limited edition of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Gold, do not bite. Do not click on the download link. Do not install it. Don’t even smile at it. WhatsApp Gold Edition is malware. In other words, it isn’t official. It is from the bad guys and it will steal your information and send it to them if you install it. What’s Up With WhatsApp Gold? Let’s go through this in a few points: WhatsApp Gold Edition is NOT from WhatsApp. WhatsApp…

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See how the Android Mazar malware can wipe your phone in minutes

malicious apps LeakerLocker

The malware craze on Android seem not to be going away any sooner. In a recent discovery, Danish security company, Heimdal, has detected another Android malware. This one is called Mazar. Mostly spread through SMS, Mazar can be haughty and its effects devastating. On an infected device, Mazar can gain administrator rights. With this it can wipe your phone, make calls and read your texts. As if that wasn’t enough, attackers can secretly monitor the device and manipulate your personal data as they please. Escalated phone bills is another thing…

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Google shares four best ways to keep your Android safe

The plague of trojans, viruses and malware has followed Android for quite sometime. We’ve heard several names, Stagefight being the most common. Have we thought to ask, How did this become so prevalent? Maybe it boils down to users. Carelessness, ignorance or mere negligence? Google has tried to address this by  sharing a post to advise users on best ways to keep their devices secure. 1. Use Google Play to find safe apps We’ve said this countless times on MobilityArena. Your safest source of apps is through Google Play Store. If…

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How to stop Monkey Test and Time service Android malware

There’s this malware common among Android devices. This one is called Monkey Test and Time Service. Once a phone is affected, the aforementioned apps pop up and refuse to close or shut down. The malware auto-installs apps on your device, and this persists even after rebooting or doing a factory reset. How do you stop this? There are two major ways of stopping this Android malware. METHOD 1 Flash another ROM or re-flash your stock ROM. The case is different for different Android devices, so do a research on how…

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This hack with Chrome for Android makes every phone vulnerable

Chrome mobile app for Android incognito mode

Chinese researcher Guang Gong demonstrated a hack on the Android version of Chrome, during a PacSec conference  recently held in Tokyo. This hack targets only the JavaScript engine of the browser. With this, it can contaminate the whole device. As showcased during the conference, when a user visits a malicious website with the malware. An app can be installed on your phone even without your knowledge. One can almost imagine how far this can be exploited. “As soon as the phone accessed the website the JavaScript v8 vulnerability in Chrome…

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Beware!! This Android virus automatically roots your phone, but there’s more

In recent times, the Android ecosystem has been plagued with several occurrences of malware. This has caused lots of panic among users. For instance, right after the Stagefright drama, people dropped their Android’s and switched to other platforms. Manufacturers sat up and started pushing security updates to fix the situation. Image source : AndroidAuthority In a new twist, Lookout (owners of Lookout Antivirus) have discovered a new strain of malware. This one is crazy. It automatically roots your phone, and pushes out endless ads to you. Who knows, it might…

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Find out if your Android phone is vulnerable with Stagefright Detector App

By now you must have heard of the security issues plaguing Android phones. The most recent case is a malware called Stagefright. This malware allows hackers to get system or media privileges of your device it is processing an MMS, even without your consent. Patches has been sent to Google, and they (including Samsung and LG) have agreed to fix the situation with monthly security updates. While we wait, you can test if your device is vulnerable with the Stagefright Detector app. This app developed by Zimperium will tell you two…

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