Asus Transformer Pro T304: Surface Pro, anyone?

Asus Transformer Pro T304

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is the most iconic detachable tablet, and it has maintained a significant lead in the Windows 2-in-1 market, in both performances and mindshare. However, other OEM partners have joined the fray, and there have been several devices that compete with the Surface Pro, with varying success. The Asus Transformer Pro T304 is one of the devices that look almost exactly like the Surface Pro in terms of design, but is quite different in everything else. Truly, the Asus Transformer Po T304 is so similar to the Surface…

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HP ZBook Studio G4: Powerful, yet slim and stylish

HP ZBook Studio G4

It is no mean feat to put all the attributes of a workstation powerhouse into a notebook. The device needs to perform in any environment using premium components, while looking nice and being as thin and light as possible. That is what HP managed to achieve with the  HP ZBook Studio G4. It is not perfect, but it is amazing what HP has managed to pack into this laptop. The HP ZBook Studio G4 features a clam-shell design based on a CNC-machined aluminum and die-cast magnesium body with diamond-cut edges.…

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HP 2017 Spectre x2: Not quite a laptop, but close enough

HP 2017 Spectre x2

A lot of people like to have either a laptop or a tablet, depending on what they need either device for. Some devices work as both at the same time. The HP 2017 Spectre x2 is two things at once: a laptop and a tablet. However, it does not fully stand up to either of these devices. But it gets its job done, while also looking quite nice. HP has always had a thing for elegant, thoughtful design, and the HP 2017 Spectre x2 embodies that. One could compare the…

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