Would you dump Google Chrome for Samsung Internet?

Samsung Internet

Most smartphone users already have their preferred browser apps, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser. However, this has not stopped Samsung from releasing their own browser. Samsung’s Internet app may seem superfluous when a device already has other browser apps, but then it has some attributes that set it apart. For one thing, Samsung Internet has extension support, so users can download a separate content blocker to filter out malicious ads. There are also some handy features, including a night mode, which darkens a web page’s interface.…

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You can now share YouTube videos without leaving the app


YouTube recently announced a new addition to its app, which makes it easier to share videos. Now, you can direct-message any video you watch on the site to family and friends through private conversations. Before this, users had to copy and paste the link for YouTube videos into other messaging platforms. However, this has ended. Also, you can continue the conversation you started, send emojis, reply to someone’s video with another video, and invite others to join the group chat. All your conversations can be accessed in a new tab…

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Google working on Snapchat Discover competitor, Stamp

Google search lite

Last year, Google tried to buy Snapchat for $30 billion. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel refused the offer, and the deal broke down. Reportedly there was an earlier attempt by Google in 2013 worth $4 billion, which was turned down. Now, Google seems to have given up on trying to buy Snapchat. Instead, the company is about to launch a similar service to one of Snapchat’s features. Reports have surfaced that Google is about to launch something similar to Snapchat Discover, known as Stamp. Snapchat Discovery is a designated area within…

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YouTube Music soon to allow offline listening

YouTube Music

Google recently announced a major upgrade to YouTube Music. Now, users will be able to download songs, albums and playlists for offline listening. This is not the first time that users can download music on YouTube Music, though. Previously, users could download music through the offline mixtape feature. This was automatically created based on your listening history, and it meant that you had little control over what you downloaded. Now, saving songs for offline listening is much easier. All you need to do is tap on the menu icon next…

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Facebook Stories to launch on desktop soon

facebook stories

Facebook Stories has been a feature of the mobile app for a while now. Now, the feature is rolling out to Facebook’s desktop site. Here, the Stories feature will not be at the top of the page, as it is on the mobile app. instead, it will be positioned at the light hand side of the screen, where it will be less obtrusive. A small question mark icon appears in the Stories module, too, which explains the feature’s purpose when you hover over it with your cursor. Facebook confirmed recently…

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WhatsApp Status has 1 billion daily users!

whatsapp status

Facebook recently announced its Q2 2017 earnings. In this announcement, the social media giant stated that the messaging app WhatsApp now boasts 1 billion daily users. WhatsApp Status, the Snapchat Stories clone, also reached 250 million daily users. Furthermore, WhatsApp users are currently sending 55 billion messages and 4.5 billion photos every day. WhatsApp currently supports 60 languages and has rapidly expanded its global user base by being free, easy to use, and having features lacking in traditional SMS. It surpassed the 1-billion-monthly-user mark in February 2016. Now, this is…

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Google Trusted Contacts now on iOS

Google Trusted Contacts

Google’s Trusted Contacts app, which allows friends and family to request each other’s location, now has an iOS version. This app was originally released on Android in December 2016 exclusively for Android. Now that the app is on iOS too, emergency contacts can now check in on users no matter the device they’re using. In addition to the iOS release, Google has made a few additions to the Trusted Contacts service. Now, users have the option to control how quickly their location is shared. This is particularly useful for people…

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LeapFrog Academy keeps kids busy during the holidays

LeapFrog Academy

There are times when it seems impossible to separate kids from mobile devices. This is usually more evident during the holidays, when the kids have little else to do but play. During this period, you might as well give the kids something educational to play with on the mobile devices. For example, you could hook them up with LeapFrog Academy, which is a virtual learning app designed just for kids. LeapFrog Academy offers curriculums in adventure from for preschool students through first grade. There is a wide selection of more…

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The Color Notebook is a drawing tablet made of paper

The Color Notebook

Kids love to scribble all over flat surfaces. Walls, their school books, your documents, you name it. Here is a product that you can use to share your child’s scribbles and drawings to the world. Meet the Color Notebook, a coloring book that comes with eight pages for free-form art, two dot-grid pages for structured drawings, and two lined pages for handwriting. This notebook is infinitely reusable and comes with a mobile app that lets you save all your children’s artwork into the cloud or send it via email or…

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embodyDNA to help you lose weight based on DNA


Last year, calorie-tracking app Lose It launched a feature called Snap It, which identifies food items just from a photo. Now, the company has taken another step into the health market. Lose It has launched a new plan known as embodyDNA, a weight loss plan that is based on your actual DNA. To get started with this plan, you have to order a kit from embodyDNA.com for $189.99. When you get it, you have to provide a saliva sample through a swab, then send it off to Helix, a personal…

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