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In defence of Nairaland: Why the basic website layout wins

nairaland nairaland.com

Have you ever opened Nairaland on one of those internet-enabled feature phones that run on GPRS and EDGE to see how fast it loads? You haven’t? You should give it a try and see. Mister Mo explains why Nairaland’s basic design works.

The experts were wrong: mobile browser still has more traffic than apps


Remember that war between mobile browser and mobile app? Remember how the experts said that mobile app traffic would overtake and beat mobile browser traffic? Duh. It didn’t happen. It hasn’t happened. Will it everRead More

It will soon be possible for you to register for your National ID card on your smartphone

In a bid to hasten registration process and meet up with the newly set deadline, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced plans to provide pre-enrollment services on smartphones. With this in place, usersRead More

Be careful how you use images on your responsive website

I have been an advocate of responsive websites for years. By responsive, I mean a website that is designed to shift shape and adjust to fit the display of whatever device you access it on,Read More