Twitter Night Mode for desktop is coming soon

Twitter Night Mode was added a few months ago, and it has become wildly popular for people who take their smartphones to bed at night. However, a version of this feature for desktop had not been available for a while, mostly because people prefer using their phones in bed to their desktops. However, if you […]

Would you dump Google Chrome for Samsung Internet?

Most smartphone users already have their preferred browser apps, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser. However, this has not stopped Samsung from releasing their own browser. Samsung’s Internet app may seem superfluous when a device already has other browser apps, but then it has some attributes that set it apart. For one […]

Why it is important to clear your browser history

A few years ago, a story broke out on the Internet, where a certain presenter was demonstrating how students in Illinois, USA could get juvenile offenses expunged from their records. The presenter used his/her phone. During the demonstration, someone happened to notice a link to popular adult site PornHub in the presenter’s browser history. Well, […]

Yahoo is up for sale!! Guess who’s buying ?

If you didn’t know before now, Yahoo is dying. As at 2000, the company was worth $255 billion. Today, they are valued at about $34 billion. See how the mighty have fallen. There is pressure to sell off Yahoo, and bidders are already submitting offers. People interested in buying include media companies, such as the Daily […]