Mozilla’s new logo, Lumia 1020 converted to microscope, other news

Mobile News round up

Mozilla has a new logo Owner of popular PC browser, Mozilla Firefox, has re-branded and outed a new logo. According to the company’s creative director Tim Murray “reinforces that the Internet is at the heart of Mozilla.” I wouldn’t say I like the logo right off the bat, but eventually, we’ll get used to it. Converting the Lumia 1020 into a microscope Scientists have harnessed the amazing 41 MP lens of the Nokia Lumia 1020 to make a digital microscope. The contraption can also serve for molecular diagnostics and DNA sequencing in…

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Firefox OS is dead

Firefox OS

TechCrunch reports that Mozilla has “announced an end to its smartphone experiment, and said that it would stop developing and selling Firefox OS smartphones” at an event that held today. According to the TechCrunch report, Mozilla also later provided them with a full statement from Ari Jaaksi, Mozilla’s SVP of Connected Devices: “We are proud of the benefits Firefox OS added to the Web platform and will continue to experiment with the user experience across connected devices. We will build everything we do as a genuine open source project, focused on user…

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Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft clash over Windows 10

Microsoft just launched Windows 10 in 190 countries and gradually, people are updating to the new operating system. In the new operating system, it was noticed that it automatically changes your default apps. For instance, the browser is automatically Edge Browser. Worst of all is that (during it’s installation), you can no longer set other browsers as default (like it used be). Mozilla noticed this and reached out to Microsoft. No resolution was reached, and their CEO, Chris Beard did an open letter to Microsoft. “It now takes more than…

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Is this the end for Flash? As more firms stop adopting it

The Adobe Flash Player we all know is a framework for viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio. This could either run from a web browser, as a browser plug-in, or on supported mobile devices. Right from time, Flash has been the magic behind most streaming, multimedia and online games we see on the internet.  In recent times, things haven’t been going quite well with technology. You see, Flash has received lots of criticisms from different angles. These allegations where mostly centered on: It’s buggy, it crashes, and…

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Geeksphone pulls the plug on Firefox OS support

Geeksphone Revolution

Geeksphone are manufacturers of the Revolution, a smartphone that runs Android OS but can be formatted to Firefox OS. Revolution is targeted primarily at developers. However, in June 2015, Geeksphone ended all development work on Firefox OS, leaving developers who had purchased the phone for the purpose of working on the OS stranded and frustrated. Loading…

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