NFC Forum to develop smart packaging for products

smart packaging

The NFC Forum has announced its partnership with the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association to help develop smart packaging for food and other products. This means that soon, products in supermarkets and other points of sale can be inspected by just tapping it with your phone. Now, the groups involved in this partnership expect early examples of this experiment to include interactive tags and labels that would pull up information about a product on your phone. The groups also say that NFC-enabled time and temperature monitors could be put…

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Wrixo is a wristband that could save your life


Have you ever been in a situation where you have to access your medical information online, but can’t? When there is a medical emergency, there needs to be an immediate response. However, what if the patient cannot provide important information about their medical status? There’s a solution to that now. Most other smart wearables make use of CPUs, antennas and displays to provide your medical data. There’s a device now that needs none of this to function. It’s called Wrixo, and it can share your medical information when you can’t.…

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