The Remita app isn’t ready for prime time yet

remita app signup login

If you ask us whether the Remita app lives up to its promises or not, our unequivocal answer is a No; it does not. Here’s why. The Remita App Promises Remita promises you access to view your balances and carry out transactions across all banks from one place. It offers users “the power of one”. That I sounded great to us. We know you want convenience. We certainly do. So we thought to take the app for a spin. And we were disappointed. After signing up and logging in to…

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How to get free airtime on PayWithCapture


PayWithCapture is a mobile app that lets you make payments without cash or your bank card. After signing up and setting up your account on the app, you can make payments by scanning a QR code at checkout or at the cashier’s counter, and the purchase amount is deducted from your bank account. Use This Code When you sign up, you will get 500 points which can be used for airtime top-up if you use this referral code: ERI0O7. Note that I is letter I; 0 is number zero, while…

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How to send and receive money instantly with BBM

BBM quickteller mini

Nigerian users can now send and receive money via BBM. The service is provided in partnership with Interswitch, the electronic switch interconnecting the ATM networks and internet banking services of banks in Nigeria. How it works Download and install the Quickteller Mini app to your smartphone. Login to your Quickteller account (or create one if you are new). The app will send a verification code via SMS. After verification is done, it asks to link to your BBM app. Once you give the approval, you are ready to go. While…

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Samsung Pay won’t work on rooted phones, tests reveal

Earlier this year, during the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung also launched a payment platform called Samsung Pay. The service was made to facilitate wireless transactions with POS (Point-of-sale) terminals, working with NFC + Magnetic Secure Transmission chips inside their latest smart phones. Samsung have already made arrangements with the likes of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank of America etc. to make this a reality. During trial testing of this service in South Korea, it was discovered that the service didn’t work for those with rooted devices. Instead it popped up…

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Is there a renewed battle between GSM and CDMA technologies in Nigeria?

A point of sale terminal (POS terminal) is an electronic device used to process card payments at retail locations. A POS terminal generally does the following: 1. It reads a customer’s credit or debit card and uses wireless technology to check whether the funds in the card account are sufficient. 2. It uses wireless technology to debit the customer’s account and credit the retailer’s account. 3. It receives feedback wirelessly so as to record the transaction and print a receipt. In Nigeria, the main wireless technology used by POS is…

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