Mistakes people make with changing their car oil

Car Oil

A lot of people change their car oil by themselves. While this is a good measure which saves you the time and money you would have otherwise given to a mechanic, it might not be properly done. There are some mistakes you could make while changing your car oil, which can be avoided by a qualified mechanic. Here are some of them: CHANGING THE OIL TOO FREQUENTLY, NOT FREQUENTLY ENOUGH,OR NOT AT ALL It is best to follow the instructions in your car’s owner’ manual when it comes to car…

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Updated: Top 9 problems of Infinix Hot 2 and their solutions

Infinix Hot 2 - Android One - Lagos

The Infinix Hot 2 is one of the most impressive budget android smartphones we’ve seen in Nigeria for the year 2015. Why so? The phone is an Android One device. Looking at the spec vs price angle, there are few devices that come close. After going through various complaints from people and threads in Nairaland, I’ve decided to compile the most common problems of Infinix Hot 2 and proffer solutions for them. Before we proceed, Here are things you should know: The Infinix Hot 2 runs stock Android. This is…

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How to fix “Android.process.media has stopped” on your Android device

Over the course of your using an Android device, one might run into this issue. Your phone or tablet suddenly begins to show this pop up message “android.process.media has stopped” repeatedly. When this happens, you might not be able to perform some functions on your device. This can range from loss of pictures to the inability to save screenshots. In any case, when this happens, here’s what to do: METHOD 1: Stop all Google Sync on the device: To do that go to Settings > Account > Google > untick of…

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Please DO NOT Root your Infinix Hot 2 !! Here’s why

Infinix X510 Hot 2

Root!! Root!! Root!! Root!! This is the first song that rings in the ears of many people these days. Once they own an Android device, first they want to do is root. To be honest, I’m like that too 🙂 Rooting has it’s advantages. You can use it to effectively set firewalls, so that apps won’t suck your data in the background. What of blocking those annoying ads, rooting helps with that too. Uninstalling of bloatware (factory installed apps) is only possible when you’re rooted. But have you thought of…

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Do not update your iPhone to iOS 9.0.2 before reading this

iOS 9-0-2 update

A number of iPhone users who have updated their devices to this version of iOS are reporting issues with their devices. Apple built a reputation around iOS with the phrase, “it just works”. In reality, it is not always so. iOS 9.0.2 clearly seems to be riddled with bugs. Some of the problems being faced by users after updating include broken notifications, touchscreen going black or not responding, battery issues, loss of network data in certain apps, overheating during usage of some apps, and phone not turning off when required…

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Introducing Ask a GEEK sessions with Elroy

  Do you ever have a niggling issue on your mobile? Do you need advice on how to get the best out of your device? Do you need tips and tricks on the best ways of managing your mobile? Do you need advice and suggestions on purchasing a new mobile phone or gadget? Whatever mobile related issues you’re facing here’s an opportunity to get help online. Elroy will be available online on Twitter sessions to answer to all your problems and queries. Just tweet at the handle @elroychibex or Add up…

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