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Try To Keep Up, Qualcomm subs Apple

flash keep up

Apple was on the global stage again yesterday claiming a number of “firsts” and announcing “innovative” new features as it announced its latest iPhone. Well, Qualcomm wouldn’t hve any of that. the chip maker hasRead More

A Cellular PC is always-on & runs on a phone processor

Cellular PC

Imagine PCs that are always-connected and extremely energy efficient. These PCs will run on ARM phone processors. These PCs will run full Windows 10 and be able to install any x86 Win32 app – unmodifiedRead More

Qualcomm announces a new chip – The Snapdragon 821

Snapdragon 821

Qualcomm clearly dominates the mobile chip market. The list of the most powerful smartphones for 2016 carries mostly Snapdragon powered devices. The 810 chip had over-heating issues, but the company made amends with the 820. TheRead More

Weekend Rants: The Tech-rush Syndrome, a blessing or a curse?

Hey guys!! I know I’ve missed some weeks on our regular weekend rants. Apologies. This weekend we look at one aspect of technology we all love. It’s good quite alright, but it still hurts usRead More

Mid-range smartphones are kings, but there’s something we’re missing

In the last two or three years, we have seen tremendous changes in the smartphone industry. Manufacturers have ramped up specifications, sometime beating what we have on our laptops. Innovations are happening at breath takingRead More