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As Apple Acquires Shazam: What Happens Next?

Shazam Lite

Popular music recognition service, Shazam, has been powering the song recognition feature in Apple’s Siri. It has likely done it so well that Apple decided to make it a part of their empire. And soRead More

The COTODAMA Lyric Speaker shows you song lyrics as they play

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what it would feel like to read the lyrics of the song as it plays? Well, that’s what Shazam, Musixmatch and various other apps are for.Read More

App Review: We tried out Shazam Lite and well…

Shazam Lite

These days, regular apps are getting bigger in size. We have seen apps become bloated, take up lots of  RAM, and drain our phone batteries. Developers have taken note of this, and come up withRead More