NFC Forum to develop smart packaging for products

smart packaging

The NFC Forum has announced its partnership with the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association to help develop smart packaging for food and other products. This means that soon, products in supermarkets and other points of sale can be inspected by just tapping it with your phone. Now, the groups involved in this partnership expect early examples of this experiment to include interactive tags and labels that would pull up information about a product on your phone. The groups also say that NFC-enabled time and temperature monitors could be put…

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The Perfect Guide to Buying the right Smartphone

buying the right smartphone

A smartphone is a very important device for day to day activities. it is important for communication via mobile network, email, social media and so on. It is also used for organising the daily activities and get the best out of most situations. A very challenging issue to individuals is choosing the right smartphone to buy. You want a smartphone that has all the functionality you use on a daily basis plus user-friendly operation so that you can take full advantage of your device’s features without frustration. But with hundreds…

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Good News!! Amazon now ships items directly to Nigeria and 75 more countries

Well known online retailer Amazon has just launched the Amazon Global Program. This venture allows buyers from other countries (other than US and U.K) to ship items directly to their addresses. This program covers a majority of the of items in Amazon’s product catalog – automotive, baby, clothing, consumer electronics, industrial and scientific, jewelry, shoes, software, sporting goods, tools, toys, video games, etc. All the above items can be shipped to Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and many other countries worldwide. Amazon will also be responsible for customs clearance of your items, because…

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