Facebook sneaks Colorful Balloons into China

colorful balloons

China has banned Facebook and its related apps for years. However, this apparently hasn’t stopped the company from trying to get their products into the country. According to the New York Times, Facebook managed to sneak an app past the Great Firewall of China, called Colorful Balloons. Nobody managed to catch them doing it, though. According to the report, Facebook approved the app’s release in May, and published it in China through a local company called Youge Internet Technology. Well, this looks like it as nothing to do with Facebook.…

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Would you dump Google Chrome for Samsung Internet?

Samsung Internet

Most smartphone users already have their preferred browser apps, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser. However, this has not stopped Samsung from releasing their own browser. Samsung’s Internet app may seem superfluous when a device already has other browser apps, but then it has some attributes that set it apart. For one thing, Samsung Internet has extension support, so users can download a separate content blocker to filter out malicious ads. There are also some handy features, including a night mode, which darkens a web page’s interface.…

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Comparison: Samsung keyboard versus Gboard keyboard

Samsung keyboard versus Google Gboard keyboard

The Samsung keyboard and Google’s Gboard have very similar layouts. As a matter of fact, the position of the comma is the significant difference. Other minor differences are there too, but they do not impact as much on usability on this single matter of the position of the comma. By definition, a comma is a punctuation. Punctuations are marks used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning. They include: the comma, the full stop (or period), the question mark, and the exclamation mark. Of all…

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Sunday Discussion : Which app changed your Android experience?

overclock Android smartphones

Android is beautiful, Android is life. For many of us here, Android is the best thing that happened to mankind. The mobile operating system has powered (and is still powering) many aspects of our lives – It’s even bound to get better. Before we continue with the adulation, have we thought to ask? What made my Android experience? What was the defining moment? What is it, that would make you not look to other mobile platforms? Personally, as weird as it may sound, Es File Explorer, GReader and Lucky Patcher…

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MasterCard is testing facial recognition app for online payments

MasterCard is considering making a smartphone app for verifying online purchases. This app is already undergoing testing and will be made to work through facial recognition – just take a selfie to approve transactions. MasterCard’s security expert Ajay Bhalla said this: “The new generation, which is into selfies… I think they’ll find it cool,” Concerns have already been raised about how effective this app will be. Because firms have tried and it didn’t come out successful. Even Google admitted that patterns and passwords were more secure than facial recognition. MasterCard…

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