Tips on what to look for in a good car battery

Car battery

One of the most important parts of your car is the battery. The efficiency of your car battery goes a long way in affecting the overall efficiency of your car therefore you should make sure that your battery is a good one. Here are some tips for identifying a good car battery: SIZE AND TYPE In this context, size refers to width, length and height of the battery. The right size will fit perfectly in your car’s battery tray, which would prevent damage by keeping the vibrations to a minimum.…

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Some secrets your mechanic wouldn’t tell you


Your mechanic knows a lot more about fixing cars than you probably do. This is why it is easy for some of them to hide some vital secrets from you, secrets that could help you take proper care of your car. After all, you would not need a mechanic f your car works fine. Here are some secrets a mechanic would not tell you: HOW EASY SOME REPAIRS ARE Some repairs and maintenance procedures are easy to do yourself. Depending on what car you drive, you don’t need a mechanic…

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How to hide photos/video folders on your Android device

hide photos

You might have a collection of photos or videos you want to keep private. It is very likely that you have researched on ways to do this. There is a saying,”Everything is possible on Android with apps”, so hiding files is not an exclusion. Here’s a quick tip on how to hide photos or videos on Android without any app. How to Hide Photos/Videos on your Android First you need a good file manager app. We used ES File Explorer for this experiment. Move all the photos or videos you want to…

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iFrozen: How to restart your unresponsive iPhone

iPhone app data

Your beautiful iPhone has suddenly stopped responding to touch. You swipe, tap and stare, but nothing responds. The Home button does not work either. You have an unresponsive iPhone in your hands. Frozen. Do not panic though. These things happen. Even better, there are simple steps to get your iPhone working fine again. Unresponsive iPhone Plan A The good news is that you can force your iPhone to restart. Just press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top until a red slider appears on the screen. Slide it to…

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How to Bold/Italicize & Cross over text on the new WhatsApp

Ever since an update to WhatsApp a while ago, it is now possible to customize the look of the text you type. Basically, this is made to lay more emphasis and better still, make things look more pretty. In the new WhatsApp, you can Bold text, Italicize text and even Cross Over text in your chats.  How do you do this? It’s pretty simple: To make your text bold, insert an asterisk (*) before and after the chosen words. E.g *Hello* To italicize text, insert an underscore (_) before and after the…

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Updated: Top 9 problems of Infinix Hot 2 and their solutions

Infinix Hot 2 - Android One - Lagos

The Infinix Hot 2 is one of the most impressive budget android smartphones we’ve seen in Nigeria for the year 2015. Why so? The phone is an Android One device. Looking at the spec vs price angle, there are few devices that come close. After going through various complaints from people and threads in Nairaland, I’ve decided to compile the most common problems of Infinix Hot 2 and proffer solutions for them. Before we proceed, Here are things you should know: The Infinix Hot 2 runs stock Android. This is…

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