OZO VR: Nokia says Virtual Reality market is too slow

Nokia Ozo VR

Two years ago, Nokia Technologies announced its OZO VR (virtual reality) camera. OZO is an interesting device capable of recording 360 degree video. The goal was to define a new category of VR capture and playback tools. The company has come out to say that the VR market is not developing fast enough. OZO VR Project Halted As such, further development work on the project is being halted. An excerpt from Nokia’s announcement: In digital media, the slower-than-expected development of the VR market means that Nokia Technologies plans to reduce…

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Protruly Darling is the world’s first virtual reality camera phone

Protruly Darling

Everyone who uses a smartphone has their preferences. Some people like devices with a big screen. Others prefer a great camera. Then there are some folks that like their smartphones with a diamond-encrusted body and a 360-degree camera. The Protruly Darling was made for these people. The Protruly Darling is a product of Shenzhen Darling Intelligence Technology Co., LTD, a tech company based in Shenzhen, China. The company sought to create the world’s first smartphone that can capture virtual reality (VR) video. That dream was fulfilled with the Darling, which…

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How Virtual Reality Headsets Work

virtual reality glasses mr mo

Are you a fan of 3D movies and immersive games? Or have you wondered what virtual reality is all about? We invite you to come along with us in an adventure into the world of virtual reality headsets, apps and games. We have got our hands on the BlitzWolf BW-VR2 virtual reality glasses and will be playing with it a bit. What Is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world. The experience is as if the person…

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Project Alloy: Intel announces the next set of VR headsets

Intel has just announced the next best VR headset yet. So what’s special with this one? The name is Project Alloy, an all-in-one VR headset that doesn’t need to be connected to a phone or computer. It’s completely wireless, with its own processor and battery. Alloy combines Intel’s Real Sense motion tracking system, which uses cameras and sensors to map the world around you and track your hands. It combines both VR and augmented reality into one single close-knit experience. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said, “Anyone can take Alloy hardware, combine it…

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This Adult site is offering you free Google VR Headsets

Google Cardboard

Remember when we announced, OnePlus is giving away free Cardboard VR headsets for the launch of their latest flagship, the OnePlus 2. This will actually be the first product launch to be done in VR (Virtual Reality). Oh well, the adult (p0rn) industry isn’t taking a back seat when it comes to implementing new technologies. In fact, most times they’re the ones pushing and fostering new tech. I was surprised to learn some sites have started offering videos in VR and one of them is behind a new website that is giving…

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