Video Conferencing App Zoom Will Lift 40-Minute Time Limit on Thanksgiving Day

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

Popular video conferencing app Zoom has revealed that it will lift its customary forty-minute limit on free video sessions for Thanksgiving Day. This move by the company has its users in mind, making it easier for families in the U.S to spend more time together (virtually). This time limit will be lifted globally, according to … Read more

Zoom Goes Down In Certain Parts Of The World, Now Back Up And Operational

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

Popular video conference app Zoom suffered an outage in the different parts of the world on Monday. Users of the app took to social media to comment on this unexpected occurrence, with the company getting the service back up in short time. Zoom has become the go-to app for most work meetings and school engagements … Read more

Zoom Adds Over 100 Features As Part Of 90-Day Security Plan

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

Video communications app Zoom revealed on Wednesday that it has added over 100 features to its video conferencing as a part of its 3-month plan to address privacy concerns. The company also announced that it has made progress on a transparency report that references information related to requests Zoom receives for records, data or content. … Read more

Zoom To Offer Strong Encryption For Paying Customers

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

Popular video conferencing app Zoom has made plans to strengthen encryption on video calls hosted by paying clients and institutions according to a statement from a company official on Friday. It plans to implement an end-to-end model, which invariably means that only participants can see what is happening, as people who try to join from … Read more

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