Take a wild guess: The Nokia you know is actually older than you think

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Yesterday 12th of May 2015 marked 150 years of Nokia since its establishment, good to know that they have been in business ever since then up till now. Nokia actually started with making paper, then proceeded to making telegraph cables, all along they have always been in the business of communication.

They published a video on YouTube to commemorate the occasion, looking back retrospectively and looking forward to what their future can become. Recall that they recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent in order to focus on networking equipments. Wishing them well in their future endeavors.

  1. So Nokia has come a long way.I look forward to seeing you back in the mobile phone business and take your hard to fill space and continue making that mark all over the world.Congrats.

  2. Nokia…such a pad tale. I miss your innovativeness and drive for the masses. I miss seeing your phones everywhere!

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