How to take better photos with your cameraphone

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Do you want to take better photos with your feature phone, Android phone or Apple iPhone? Here are quick tips to help you along the way.

These days, almost every phone and tablet out there now come with one or more cameras. While the capabilities of the cameras may vary, there are general tips to help you take better photos with any kind of phone.

take better photos with your phone

Whatever the phone or platform, the following tips will help you take better photos.

1. Don’t take pictures facing strong light sources e.g. Windows, light bulbs, car headlamps, etc.

The light should always be in the face of your subject, except of course there is some special effect that you want to create (in which case you already know what you’re doing with a camera and don’t need this article).

2. Always hold the camera(phone) with both hands when shooting. This will help keep the camera steady. I have seen people pull off quick snaps with one hand – and produce the most amazing abstract pictures you’ve ever seen. By “abstract,” I mean ghost-like images 🙂

3. If your cameraphone offers an option to display a grid, use it. That way, its easier to “frame” your subject. Turn on the grid feature.

4. As much as possible, take pictures in adequate lighting. While your cameraphone may have a flash, many times, it will still produce poorer pictures in poor lighting.

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5. If you must take pictures in poor lighting, use the flash and make the picture a close-up (face and chest for humans) so that the flash is more effective.

6. If you need to take a macro shot – a very close-up shot of a document or the minute details of a flower – check your camera settings to switch the camera to “Macro” or “Close Up” and use that for such pictures.

7. Take more than one shot of each pose. Yes. The law of probability means that you increase your chances of getting a good shot when you take more than one.

This article isn’t intended to be exhaustive. It isn’t for more advanced photo enthusiasts. Hopefully, basic users who just want to take better pictures will find them useful.

If I left anything out, please do add them in the comments section below!

  1. Where possible always keep your hand holding the frame of the phone and your pinkie up in the air – that helps keep your fingers out of the way of the shot.

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