Hexo+ drone: Digital photography at new heights

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The Hexo+ is a flying camera that lets you take pictures and record videos from amazing aerial viewing angles and positions. With an accompanying app installed on your smartphone, fire up your phone’s camera and launch the app. The camera flies into a preset default position and recorded video will be fed live to your phone. The camera needs no operator or pilot. Whatever is being recorded will be seen on your smartphone.

HexoPlus drone

From your phone, you can handle all the controls like: Setting frames for your shots, selecting shooting angles – front, back, sides above, beneath, and every angle possible – placing your preferred distance between the camera and subject. All these are done via gestures on your smartphone.

The drone can follow you (if you set it to) alongside capturing good looking aerial shots, helping you create Hollywood kind of images and video. The Hexo+ is available for pre-order costs $1,149.00 USD (free shipping inclusive), the pack comes with a 3D Gimbal, Go Pro Mount, and the HexoPlus app.

Here’s a quick video that illustrates how this camera works:

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