Take a good look at the world’s first truly wireless earphones

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One of the greatest mysteries of the world is how the wires of our earphones/headsets twist and twirl into knots every time we drop them after use. Amazing really 😆 It is very frustrating having to untie the knots every time we want to use them. Many thanks to Bragi, I present to you the world’s first truly wireless earphones.

Yes! You read it right. These earphones have no form of cables, but pair via Bluetooth to your device. It can also serve as a standalone media player, as it is packed with 4 GB of internal storage. That’s not all, the Bragi earphones can also work as a fitness tracker, with a heart rate monitor and step counter.


The latter features are managed with an accompanying app available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 users. Early users complained that the Bluetooth pairing can be a headache on some bad days. The earphones are available for $300 on the Bragi website HERE.

I like the idea of a truly wireless pair of earphones, maybe we can call it a work in progress. What do you think?


  1. Who are Bragi in the world of sound and speakers? What other products do they produce?

    If they were Bose, Monster, Bowes & Wilkins, Sennheiser or Sony, I might pay attention as these companies have a reputation when it comes to headphones. But $300 for a company that doesn’t tell you much about themselves and have little or no history? Pass.

    They look like hearing aids and are way too expensive in my opinion.

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