Arccording to researches conducted by GeoPoll and WorldwideWorx, Blackberry is still prevalent in many African countries. The research covered South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and

Take it or leave it: BlackBerry is still huge in Africa

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Arccording to researches conducted by GeoPoll and WorldwideWorx, Blackberry is still prevalent in many African countries. The research covered South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.

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From a press statement by World Wide Worx:

BlackBerry’s 32% keeps it in the number one spot in terms of brand of phone used by students, ahead of Samsung at 27% and Nokia at 21%. When asked for their brand preference regardless of affordability, one out of every two respondents chose the Apple iPhone. Samsung came in second at 29%, and Sony in third place at 9%.

Also from the research, 17% of phone users indicated they’d be going with BlackBerry as their next phone brand.

Research aside, almost everywhere you go in African cities, you see people with a Blackberry phone, be it legacy versions or OS10. Most folks I know use one and many more still cling to their hardware QWERTY BlackBerry. It is obvious people around here love BlackBerry. Let’s hope the guys up there capitalize on this trend.




  1. In my opinion, it’s primarily the ignorant (non-tech-inclined) who cling to OS7 devices, which is where most of BB’s market share in this country comes from. In my opinion.
    I would think of using a BB10, but not 7. No way.
    The problem is that it’s large numbers on this continent don’t translate to ANYTHING on the global scale. Anything. What’s their market share again, 0.3%?

  2. Who cares?

    Most of the blackberries you see are used dirt cheap craps dumped here anyways.

  3. Blackberry’s uniqueness still stands out anyday,anytime.One cannot wish it away just like that.Whether Os 7 or Os10.What about the data affordability.Think of the customary qwerty.Have always had it as a second out of a two mobile phones.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to mention that. It pains me to see those ignorant students saving money to get a USED BlackBerry (on a dated OS for that matter)!

  5. The QWERTY keyboard was one of the things I loved about BB, back in those days when I refused to embrace touchscreen devices. So much so that when my BB Tour 9630 spoilt, I was determined to purchase the same model again. Until I discovered Android.
    No one is wishing BB away. They’re already “away”. I don’t want them to disappear. I don’t think they will. But they will NEVER regain what they have lost, trust me. They’ll just remain in the shadows,one of “those OSes”.

  6. I thought I would easily get bored of my BlackBerry after I bought it. I loved OS7, wasn’t too impressed by BB10 in the early stages, but now I quite like it.

    If it does what people want it to do, especially those on a budget and are quite happy with it, no worries. For some it is their main or only or even first smartphone.

  7. glide-to-type is what I meant by Swype… I for one hate d original Swype keyboard gan(haven’t seen its update tho)

  8. guys I and my brother use a BlackBerry. I spend like 5k a month for 15 gig of data. on os 10. why on earth will I use android when I can run all android apps.

    for those who say not all I have not encountered on I could not run yet.

    cheap data helps a device really shine. I watch YouTube like it’s beans and instagram anyhow. I share data for all my numerous friends most just acquired now.

    point is BlackBerry strength is data. they should keep the ability to run android apps and also allow os 10 run bis for cheap data.

  9. I have actually found some apps that didn’t work well or at all on BB10 but that hasn’t put me off. I’m even looking to upgrade my device when I get the chance.

  10. Take it or leave it,BB is still common with students esp.OS7 because of ruggedness,cost and cheap data even OS10 which allows android apps and BIS.Cant blame them.

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