How to take a screenshot on a Mac

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It’s quite easy to take a screenshot on Windows computers. All you need to do is tap on Print Screen. However, it is not so easy on MacOS computers. There are various keyboard shortcuts you can use to take a screenshot of your entire screen. also, you can drag a little box around the area you want to capture. Here are some tips on how to take a screenshot on Mac:


This is the easiest to do. To capture the entire screen and save it to the clipboard, simply press Command+Shift+Control+3. If you prefer capturing a selected area to save to the clipboard, press Command+Shift+Control+4. If you do not press Command, the image will be saved as a PNG file on your desktop.mac screenshot


Grab is a program that comes preinstalled on all Macs. It lets you create screenshots straight from the Menu bar. It also lets you set time-delayed screenshots, so you can get ready before it captures anything. Grab is found in the Utilities folder, within the Applications folder. When you launch Grab, it shows an icon for the program in your dock, which you can pin for easy access. There you can take a screenshot of either the entire screen, an individual window, part of the screen, or set up a timed capture.


Preview is the default tool to open everything on your Mac. It has several features, which include the ability to edit images and take screenshots. All you need to do is open Preview and click on File, then select Take Screenshot from the drop-down menu.

Now, when you take screenshots, it automatically saves as a PNG fie on your desktop, unless you choose it to the clipboard. If you take a lot of screenshots, then your desktop would get clogged up pretty quickly. Therefore, you might want to move them to the Trash as soon as you are done with them.



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