This morning, my Lumia 930 was stolen in broad daylight. Here is the story. We had put up the Nokia Lumia 930 for sale. A

Taken: Mister Mo’s Lumia 930 stolen in daring daylight stunt

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Lumia 930 front on table

This morning, my Lumia 930 was stolen in broad daylight. Here is the story.

We had put up the Nokia Lumia 930 for sale. A fellow who called himself John called my staff last night to ask about the phone. Arrangements were made for a rendezvous this morning to execute the transaction. As arranged, John and my colleague met. He checked the phone and was satisfied, then suggested that they get to a nearby ATM where he would withdraw the cash for payment.

At the ATM, supposedly, he was unable to withdraw cash and again suggested that they try the next ATM spot. He got into his car and zoomed off. He drove an older model Volkswagen Passat hatchback. Midnight Blue in colour. The car had Navy tags all over it, and he was wearing a naval uniform. About my height. Slim. Bow legs. My colleague says he sounded like he was from the Middle Belt South South.

All we have on him is his mobile number 0814 971 3977, an MTN line. If you happen to know who uses that number, kindly get in touch. TruCaller hasn’t been of help. It lists his name as “Buyer Ibadan”. Nice one.

TruCaller - Buyer Ibadan

This is the first time ever that any of the phones I have owned has been stolen, so it is a milestone of some sort. Funny, but I am not angry. I am not sad. I am as cool as ice and all calm. Thanks for helping out with any useful info.

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  1. In broad daylight? Doing this to you all because of a phone even if it cost heavens. Wonders shall never cease to happen.

    Am even short of words now but Holy spirit will surely arrest him.

  2. So sorry to hear that. We can all sure learn from this.

    Eternal vigilance is key, when dealing with people, symbol of authority or not.

    Sorry, but I have been duped by a few pastors in the past, so the’ man of God’ tag makes me even more careful now.

    As a matter of fact, tricks like this are quite common in the Computer Village, Ikeja, but i guess the fact he was in uniform (a symbol of authority) made it very easy to perpetrate this successfully. The guards would be down, even if subliminally.


  3. I am speechless. This daring heist looks like a movie. No, it can’t be real.

    Well, Mr. Mo and the rest of us have just learnt a new lesson from the ever dynamic world-class compendium of Nigerian robbery tactics.

  4. If “Buyer Ibadan” is what shows in Trucaller, methinks this is a stunt he may have pulled before.

    A painful lesson to learn, but also a learning curve as to future transactions.

  5. Its high time for most of us the Techies Guys begin to put on “Body Camera ???? ” with IP transmission whenever meeting with New contacts, most especially if out of our secured domain.

    While we all pray that the stolen Phone is recover, we sincerely appreciate and thank you for sharing the experience.

    May God reward you with abundant blessing – Amen.

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