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Many of the usefulness of the smartphone derives from its ability to do things repetitively – inexorably – without fail/forgetting, and
without human intervention.

It is great to be able to automate as many facets of our life as possible. It relieves us of lots of the stress of modern day living.

Some of the things most smartphone owners do – repetitively – is device switching on and off. to conserve battery-life. We also do things like switching profiles (turn phone to ‘Silent’ when in Church), turn on my luminous clock app on my phone (when I am about to sleep), wake me up in the morning at a fixed time, turn off/on my music application at specific times e.t.c.

While may phones have inbuilt ability to automatically do some of these things, lots of others lack this.

I would like to point out two small utilities that make automation that much easier – on Symbian phones.

There is ‘Switch Off” for Symbian, and a more comprehensive application called ‘Plan Task’

Switch Off

“Switch Off’ performs a simple function – switches off the phone at the time specified (after some defined period of phone inactivity).

By using this small application, you will never ever wake up to a dead battery in the morning, having forgotten to switch if off the previous night.

If you need to switch off (regularly) your phone within a certain period (at night, during your lunch, while in a mosque, church or monastery, e.t.c.), this app is your baby.

It has the autostart feature. You can set it and forget it.

Dowownload Switch Off (Note that you need to sign this for it to work).

One improvement I would love to see is the ability to define multiple switch-off times. This app currently lacks this. Luckily, ‘Plan Task’ – discussed next – takes care of this deficiency, and does even much more!

Plan Task

‘Plan task’ does what ‘Switch Off’ does, and much much more. You can set the time to shutdown your phone, restart it, activate a particular ‘profile’, start-up/close-down a specified application on your phone. The auto-started application can be done in foreground/background.

The reptition can be once, every-day, every weekend and every week.

The beauty of this app is that you can have different combinations of these functions, as well multiples – as you wish.

Note: To deactivate/activate this application, select ‘Stop Service’/’Start Service’ from the ‘Options’ menu.

Download Plan task. It is already signed, so just install and enjoy new levels of automation.

Free yourself!

  1. Got to get me One of these. I’ve heard of some on the android market. Thanks for the app review. Will appreciate more of this on MN.

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