Here are some taxi safety tips to remember

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Not all of us own cars. But we all have to move around, whether it is for business or pleasure. Therefore, public transportation is quite important. A significant part of this public transportation is the taxi. Whether it is the traditional taxi service or the new services (Uber, Taxify, Lyft, and so on), it is important to be cautious about your safety.

Here are some taxi safety tips you should always remember:

  1. Make use of parks: If you use the traditional taxi service, then make sure you board at the taxi park. This way, you can look out for signs and logos to identify what association the taxi driver belongs to.
  2. Use trusted services: If you prefer the modern ride-sharing services, then make sure to use the genuine ones. Taxi services spring up almost every day, so you need to know the genuine ones from the safety tips
  3. Always sit at the back: This is to enable you to leave the car easily in case of any intended harm.
  4. Try not to travel at night: This is because armed robbers and kidnappers tend to operate at night. Also, the taxi driver would find it easier to commit a crime if its dark.
  5. Send the plate number to someone close: this is intended as an extra safety precaution. In case you get lost or anything else happens, your family and friends can find you easier.
  6. Share your location at all times: This is an important part of your journey. Make sure that someone knows where you are at all times.
  7. Always have a decoy ATM card: this isn’t one of the usual taxi safety tips. But some taxi drivers could just take you straight to an ATM machine and rob you. In this case, carry an ATM card with very little cash. When you need more cash on that account, you can do a transfer.
  8. Be polite at all times: a lot of people get into taxis and behave like they own the place. This could lead to a serious beating, depending on the temperament of the driver. This can be avoided if you simply ac polite to the driver.
  9. Maintain eye contact: When negotiating with the driver, maintain eye contact. Most times, when they have ulterior motives they would try to avoid eye contact.
  10. Surrender: if everything goes south while you’re in a taxi, just keep calm and surrender. Don’t struggle. After all, your life is more important than your possessions.

Kindly add any other taxi safety tips you have in the comments section.


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  1. Thanks for your tips… You simply nailed it. This one has been an important part of my life…

    *Share your location at all times: This is an important part of your journey. Make sure that someone knows where you are at all times.

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