I was listening to a guy from one Naija tech blog speak on a radio show. The show was called “Lagos Talks”, I think, on

How a tech blogger on radio disappointed me

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I was listening to a guy from one Naija tech blog speak on a radio show. The show was called “Lagos Talks”, I think, on 91.3FM. The host/presenter was good old Uncle Jimi Disu. As the tech blogger responded to question after question, I kept thinking to myself that had it been Mr. Mo on the show, he would’ve done a better job explaining why listeners should buy a smartphone!

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I didn’t even catch the blogger’s name but his explanations were terrible. There’s a difference between liking gadgets and being able to talk about them. Even the presenter seemed more with the subject than him!

Imagine: he was asked what happened to Nokia phones. A caller (who repairs phones) answered the question better than the tech blogger.

The radio show presenter was talking about the problems with the Samsung Note 7. He asked “Whats the difference between the Note and the 7?” Even I knew that the “7” was a reference to the S7. The question must have passed 3 times before he said, “Oh; you mean the S7!”

All I could hear in my head was how Mr. Mo would have responded instead had it been he on the seat. I need to find out the name of the guy though. They should have asked Bella Rose as guest. I know she’s TechCity but at least she makes sense. I fell in love with her when she was doing a review of phone speakers. She’s good and flows, unlike some of these guys that just have phone and want to do review. Actually, both her and Miss Techy are quite good with their reviews.

When I grow up…drat! I’m older than them. My time has gone 🙁


  1. A “Tech Blogger” that cannot explain what’s wrong with the Note 7.

    Is that one a tech blogger?

  2. That’s your own imagination.

    It wasn’t said he couldn’t. only that he wasn’t psychic enough to know that the Number 7 was being used to mean Samsung Galaxy S7 when it could jolly well also mean the iPhone 7 or any phone with 7 in its nomenclature !

  3. Even I knew that the “7” was a reference to the S7. The question must have passed 3 times before he said, “Oh; you mean the S7!”

    Well, I have always disliked people being unnecessarily brief, when more loquaciousness would eliminate any likelihood of ambiguity of his understanding.

    Like saying….

    What XYZ said..

    Why not make a complete intelligible sentence? Why call a Samsung Galaxy S7 the 7. That’s the height of mental laziness, or does the interviewer have a boil in his upper lips that prevents him from being punctilious in his enunciations?

    Meanwhile,stop giving Mister Mo a swollen head. He doesn’t need that, otherwise his head might burst.. Besides, everything in life is about relativity. Where Mister No is obviously your smartphone idol, he could also be seen as a learner in some quarters, and by some people. +++ flees +++

  4. I think you were a little bit harsh on the so called tech blogger though..

    I have a personal conviction that calling a smartphone ‘7’ is lame and dumb. There are different smartphones that has that appellation..

    If presenters ask wise questions, I believe guests can give proper answers… Considering the iPhone 7 just launched and ought to be a direct competition to flaming Note 7.. One can think the presenter was talking about the iPhone 7…

  5. It would have been more helpful to ask if he was referring to the S7 or Note 7 rather than have the presenter repeat the same thing three times.

    That’s what I presume – perhaps incorrectly – what someone would do if they didn’t understand the other person. Very simple really.

  6. It’s all about communication, which clearly the tech blogger needs to work on.

    It’s simple – if you don’t understand the question, do you not ask for clarification? He didn’t, leading the presenter to repeat himself. Mister Mo in my opinion would have asked “do you mean…” which I have seen him do in interviews before. Uncle Jimi is not so intimidating that he couldn’t ask.

    But don’t get fixated with the “7” thing – he couldn’t even explain the question “what happened to Nokia” . In my opinion he doesn’t have the depth of experience to explain what one caller did very concisely. He just did one kind laugh, glossed over it and moved on to another topic.

    He should have just come on and said he’s not familiar with x or y but specialises in z and I would have respected that. As it was some of the callers were far more helpful than the man in the studio.

  7. It goes back to a perpetual Nigerian problem – not asking for clarification when you don’t understand.

    The kind of person who will say “I can do this” but can’t, or “I know about x” when after you’ve dashed them money find out they don’t. Life is too short to waste going around in circles. Radio air time is even shorter.

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