How a tech blogger on radio disappointed me

I was listening to a guy from one Naija tech blog speak on a radio show. The show was called “Lagos Talks”, I think, on 91.3FM. The host/presenter was good old Uncle Jimi Disu. As the tech blogger responded to question after question, I kept thinking to myself that had it been Mr. Mo on the show, he would’ve done a better job explaining why listeners should buy a smartphone!

naija tech blogger - radio show microphone

I didn’t even catch the blogger’s name but his explanations were terrible. There’s a difference between liking gadgets and being able to talk about them. Even the presenter seemed more with the subject than him!

Imagine: he was asked what happened to Nokia phones. A caller (who repairs phones) answered the question better than the tech blogger.

The radio show presenter was talking about the problems with the Samsung Note 7. He asked “Whats the difference between the Note and the 7?” Even I knew that the “7” was a reference to the S7. The question must have passed 3 times before he said, “Oh; you mean the S7!”

All I could hear in my head was how Mr. Mo would have responded instead had it been he on the seat. I need to find out the name of the guy though. They should have asked Bella Rose as guest. I know she’s TechCity but at least she makes sense. I fell in love with her when she was doing a review of phone speakers. She’s good and flows, unlike some of these guys that just have phone and want to do review. Actually, both her and Miss Techy are quite good with their reviews.

When I grow up…drat! I’m older than them. My time has gone 🙁

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