TECNO Boom J8 unable to send music via Bluetooth & WhatsApp

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This morning, we received a complaint from a TECNO Boom J8 user who asked why she was unable to send music files via Bluetooth or WhatsApp. We thought that was strange, so we tested it out on as many units as we had access to.

Our findings: just like the complainant said, the J8 wouldn’t send out music files via Bluetooth. The send process always failed. As for sending from inside WhatsApp, there isn’t any option to send a music file; only to send audio recordings. When we choose to attach a file and then select the Audio button, here are the options that are presented:

However, we are able to send a music file via WhatsApp by opening File Manager and sharing from there. But that isn’t intuitive if you are in the middle of a WhatsApp chat and want to quickly send a music file to your chat mate.

How About Receiving?

We got two other TECNO phones to send music files via WhatsApp and Bluetooth to the Boom J8. In one (L8), Bluetooth worked only if the devices were already paired. In the other (Droipad 8D), Bluetooth sending failed.


It is not clear why these phenomena should arise in the J8. Sharing on Android OS is seamless and these issues are a step backwards. We are notifying TECNO Mobile and hope that they will fix them soon.


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