TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test [Indoor]

You have seen the specifications and photographs, performance tests, and 4G LTE tests of the TECNO Camon C9. TECNo markets it strongly for its front-facing 13 megapixel camera, so for my first Camon C9 selfie test, I took a few photos indoors. The photographs were taken within a metre of an open window around 3.30 in the afternoon. Have a look at the photos:

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Gallery

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test 1

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test 2

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test 3

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test 4

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test 5

TECNO Camon C9 Selfie Test 6

Mr. Mo’s Verdict

The Camon C9 selfie camera is very prominent on the front of the device. It has the largest front-facing camera lens I have seen on any phone, and I was hoping that for once we would have pictures that were close to matching the quality of photos that we have been used from rear cameras on phones. Unfortunately, these do not meet that expectation.

In my opinion, they are still not close to being as good as the photographs produced by the rear camera. Despite a handful of brands pushing their phones as having great selfie cameras, none has yet been able to pull off the feat.

Considering how poor front-facing cameras on phones have been, the above selfies from the Camon C9’s front-facing camera are not bad. But they just do not excite me after all the hype. Can we make that drastic change happen in the next iteration of the Camon series, TECNO?

Your Verdict?

I will love to hear from you. It is possible that you disagree with my verdict. You have seen the selfies. What do you think of them?

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