MobilityArena’s TECNO Camon CM Review is finally here and it spells out everything you want to know about this smartphone. This is the definitive review of the Camon CM.

TECNO Camon CM Review: How Much More Do You See?

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MobilityArena’s TECNO Camon CM Review is finally here and it spells out everything you want to know about this smartphone, the good, the bad, the ugly. This is the definitive review of the Camon CM, so grab a drink and some snacks, and come along with us.

The Camon CX has been the subject of intense hype, and rightly so. It is TECNO Mobile’s first b”bezel-less” phone after all. And it is a Camon. While not the top of the range, TECNO’s Camon series have proven very popular in the market.

tecno camon cm review -standing with box

We have seen some amusing claims made about the phone too, including one that the Camon CM is better than the Pixel 2. It is best to believe that the fellow who said that has a sense of humour.

So, our TECNO Camon CM review is here and it is time to show you what it is capable of doing. For starters, we shall define it as a handy, slim, lightweight, mid-range 4G Android cell phone.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Quick Pros And Cons

Before we dive into the review proper, starting with the major pros and cons of this device.

Key Features Cons
Bright 5.65-inch edge-to-edge display Network mode cannot be pegged to 4G Only
Fast battery charging plus Good battery

tecno camon cm angle

TECNO Camon CM Review: Hardware/Design

The Camon CM has an edge-to-edge display. That is also another term for a bezel-less display. It does nt mean that it has no bezels; it just means that it has less bezels. The CM has very tiny side bezels, while the top and bottom bezels are a bit bigger.

The phone is very comfortable in the hand and also quite lightweight.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Software

The TECNO Camon CM runs Android 7 with TECNO’s custom software, HiOS v3.2.0, on it. HiOS has a number of nifty extra features that will delight users. These include battery level and estimated usage time widget on the second home screen. For a detailed overview of HiOS, have a look at our HiOS review.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Network, Telephony, Data

The Camon CM’s network capabilities are good. The phone supports 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless networks. Voice calls are clear and good.

One hitch we ran into is that despite being specified as supporting certain LTE bands, our tests reveal that the Camon CM does not. For example, it would not connect to Glo 4G network at all. You can have a look at our TECNO Camon CM 4G Tests for details.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Display and Multimedia

The display of the Camon CM is bright and sharp.

Audio quality is good but not great. There is a definitive lack of bass in the audio output of the Camon CM. But then, not a lot of phones at this price point that deliver on this point.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Photography

The Camon CM’s main camera produces punchy pictures, but colours are not very accurate, often departing from what the eyes see. We think that lots of people like their pictures punchy though, considering how often they apply filters. Here are a few photo samples.

Below is a comparison shot of a Kitkat bar. The Camon Cm’s product is the image on the right. It looks more delightful to the eye, in particular because the colour blends. But that is not a true reflection of what the bar looks like in real life. The image on the left is a much truer representation of the chocolate bar.
tecno camon cm camera comparison

tecno camon cm photo icm

This is a cropped section of the above photo to demonstrate the levels of details that the camera produces:
tecno camon cm photo icm cropped

We took this close-up indoor shot:
tecno camon cm motivo

And then we tried out the Bokeh feature with the same subject. Notice how the BP machine box in the background is now blurred out:
tecno camon cm motivo bokeh

What of selfies? Here is a sample:
tecno camon cm review selfie

So, what do you think of the phone’s photography capabilities?

TECNO Camon CM Review: Multitasking/Performance

There is only so much that a quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 2GB of RAM can deliver in terms of performance. The TECNO Camon CM is usable and will not sneeze as long as you do not throw heavy tasks at it. Push it harder and it will balk.

If you are interested in benchmark scores, here are results from a few that we ran on it:

  • Geekbench 4: 1106
  • 3DMark: 259 Sling Shot

There is a 3GB RAM variant called TECNO Camon i but it is available only in India.

The Camon CM has 16GB internal storage. If you take lots of pictures and videos, you will need more storage, so be sure to buy a microSD card for use with it. The phone lets you set your memory card as primary storage.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Battery life

Charging the 3000mAh is speedy and convenient, thanks to fast battery charging technology built in. And battery life of the device is good. If you are not tweeting and Whatsapp-ing all day on it, the battery will see you through a work day.

If you use your smartphone a lot, you will need to top it up at least once before the work day is through. It is a far battery performance. Only smartphones with batteries above 4000mAh capacity are able to pull off a full work day without any worries under most usage scenarios.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Final Words

The Camon CM is a good upper budget smartphone. It does not seem to us that this is the main Camon model for 2018. Our guess is that TECNO pushed this out quickly to satisfy the craving of its fans for a smartphone with an edge-to-edge display. We will be on the lookout for another Camon device later this year.

In our opinion, it is a great compromise between hip, functionality and price. Now, you can carry about a bezel-less smartphone without breaking the bank.

You can buy the TECNO Camon CM on MobilityArena’s Smartphone Instalment Plan.

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  1. Techno canon CM is quite a great phone, such device with Bezel-less body at that price is something to put money on. I also believe the reason why this phone is not that high in price is the 2GB RAM it comes with, if it was 3GB or 4GB RAM, The price will be more than that. But I still don’t get it, why is it that, any phones with higher specification are always taking to India? Don’t we also deserve good things too

  2. I can’t see the price, though the specs are not bad. I will better judge relative to the price of the phone. well done tecno

  3. I’m not really impressed.

    This is probably the most hyped and reviewed phone in 2018 so far.

    I have seen some folks ranking the canon c.f. above the cm after using.

    It seems, and as u rightly pointed out…. this is a rushed production phone to satisfy the “bezelles” wave.

    In specs and look its not my taste. I can only complement the black model if I was asked to.

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