This is the third year of TECNO’s Camon series. The C8 was the first of the series, followed by the C9 gang (which included the

TECNO Camon CX Review: A solid upgrade

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This is the third year of TECNO’s Camon series. The C8 was the first of the series, followed by the C9 gang (which included the smaller C7). And in 2017, TECNO has thrown in the CX. X stands for 10, by the way. Of course, you knew that already. Anyway, our TECNO Camon CX Review is ready and it includes the TECNO Camon CX pros and cons, camera review, as well as battery review. Settle down and enjoy the ride.

TECNO Camon CX Review full front

TECNO Camon CX Pros And Cons

Before we dive into the full review, here are the key pros and cons of the Camon CX, so you have an idea of what to expect.

Key Features Cons
Super slim, handy body No way to turn off the heads-up notifications by HiOS
Solid design and metallic build Navigation buttons at the bottom of the display take up usable space
Runs Android 7.0 out of the box
Both selfie and rear cameras are really good
USB-OTG for using flash drives and other USB accessories

TECNO Camon CX Review: Hardware/Design

TECNO Camon CX Review slim profile

Hands-dowmn, the CAmon CX is a beautiful smartphone. It looks good. Its metallic body feels good. And the very slim profile is a huge plus. TECNO keeps improving in the hardware design space. In addition to the looks, the CX is lightweight.

While it is a dual SIM phone, the CX has a dedicated micro-SD card slot as well, so you do not have to choose between a memory card and a second SIM. The distinctive way that TECNO places the big selfie camera in a central location above the display is nice.

The 5.5 inch display is sharp and bright. It has 2.5D glass on it, which gives it a very nice, refined feel as well. Screen legibility is fair, but when outside in bright sunlight, you have to crank up the display’s brightness at least up to 50%.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Software

TECNO Camon CX top display

This is the first Android 7 Nougat smartphone we are reviewing here at Mobility Arena. The Camon CX is bang up-to-date in terms of software. Well, it is Android 7.0, to be specific and there are devices in the market already running 7.1, but that’s us being finnicky.

Of course, TECNO has its HiOS user interface running on top of Nougat here. Version 2.0 is what is built into the CX. The software interface is smooth and works as it should. There are many extra functionality that HiOS brings to the table. There’s the more extensive drop-down menu giving you quick access to several features. There are screenshot, ultra power, Hi Manager, Boomplay, Freezer, Hi Cloud, and Hi Theme, among others.

We do not like that there is no way to disable the heads-up notifications without turning off all notifications entirely. The ability to blacklist pesky numbers for both calls and SMS is certainly a good feature built into HiOS.

One other niggle we have is how the navigation buttons at the bottom of the display take up usable space on the screen. Not a biggie. It is probably just us.

Android 7’s split screen feature works well on the CX. The display is broken into two sections, one above the other, and you can use apps in both at the same time. No need to switch between apps. We are sure that it would be a much more beautiful experience on a bigger screen. But it is here and works well should you really need to use it.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Network, Telephony

TECNO Camon CX Review front camera dual flash

The Camon CX is a dual band GSM phone, meaning it doesn’t support all GSM networks around the world. There is support for 3G and 4G LTE too. TECNO, along with Infinix, are two mobile brands you can depend on to support all 4G LTE networks in the country. The CX does not disappoint. The two brands also make it possible for users to peg their phones to 4G only. Again, the CX lives up to that reputation.

If you are interested in using the CX for voice calls in the United States, note that it is a dual band phone. It does not support the two bands used by US GSM networks and so will not work there.

Network reception is good and in-call audio is good as well. Sometimes, one has to move the phone a bit while held to the ear in order to get the best position. This is because the earpiece is a thin horizontal piece at the very top edge of the phone (see photo above). The selfie camera occupies the position where most other phones have their earpiece.

Overall, call quality isn’t fantastic. Sometimes, we struggle to keep conversations going without having to ask the person at the other end to repeat one statement or the other. On a scale of horrible to fantastic, we would rate call quality on the CX as straddling the fence between fair and good.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Photography

TECNO Camon CX Review rear camera

The TECNO Camon CX has a 16 megapixel rear camera with ring flash. TECNO has been extremely vocal about the quality of the Camon CX camera, even pitting it against the iPhone 7’s camera. There is no better way to sort this out than to pitch it against the Lumia 950, which is still acclaimed as one the best camera phones around today (if not the best).

LUMIA 950 Comparison Shots Indors, Lights on
Have a look: the Camon CX photos are above, while the Lumia 950’s shots are below.

Camon CX photo sample

Lumia 950 photo sample

LUMIA 950 Comparison Shots Indoors, Lights off:

Camon CX photo sample

Lumia 950 photo sample

In terms of colour reproduction and image resolution, the Camon CX camera is amazing, easily matching what the Lumia camera king offers. Where it falls short is in capturing the scene and lighting of the background, something that the Lumia handles much better.

Selfie Camera
So what does a Camon CX selfie look like?

Camon CX selfie camera

TECNO has put a 16 megapixel, wide angle front camera with Dual LED flash on the CX. Again, we pitched it against the Lumia 950.

LUMIA 950 Comparison Selfie Shots Indors, Lights on:

Camon CX selfie photo sample

Lumia 950 selfie sample

In the pictures above, you can see that the Camon CX selfie camera produces better resolution, not surprisingly. However, the Lumia still squeezes more light out of the scene.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Multitasking/Performance

Performance on the CX is good and very much in line with what is expected of a smartphone with its specifications. Being such a highly-featured phone, it would have performed even better if it had 3 GB of RAM instead to improve app loading times.

We ran a couple of benchmark tests and came out with the following results:

  • AnTuTu: 43820
  • Geekbench 4: 468 Single-Core / 1319 Multi-Core

The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner works fine for locking the device, locking apps, answering calls and taking photographs.

TECNO Camon CX Review: Connections

TECNO Camon CX usb port

The Camon CX offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The TECNO Camon CX supports OTG, which lets you use flash drives and other USB accessories with the phone. You will need a USB adapter or a dual flash drive.

In sharing mobile internet access via wireless hotspot, we ran into an issue though. A Windows 7 laptop we have does not see the Camon CX hotspot at all. Every other device does – Windows 8 and 10 laptops, Lumia, Android smartphones and tablets. Even another Windows 7 laptop had no such issues. We renamed the hotspot and restarted both devices, but made no progress. We are unable to determine whether this is an issue from the CX or from Windows 7. Further testing proved that the issue was with the laptop, being an older, basic model.

TECNO Camon CX Battery Review

The 3200 mAh battery does a commendable job. Perhaps it is the power management capabilities of ANdroid Nougat or TECNO optimised the phone well, it doesn’t matter. The CX battery provides a full working day of power supply. Sometimes, it still hasn’t run out as at 9pm. Exact battery life will depend on each individual’s usage patterns, but you can be rest assured that the TECNO Camon CX won’t have you carrying a charger around.

Quick charge 2.0 here is good as well., delivering up to 50% charge from zero in 30 minutes.

TECNO CX Review: Final Words

TECNO Camon CX in hand

In our books, the Camon CX is a winner. It is a solid improvement over last year’s Camon C9. We are looking at a beautiful package that includes two great cameras, solid battery life and up-to-date software, all bundled in a slim, lightweight metal shell. It delivers on the claims that TECNO has made.

Are there any TECNO Camon CX problems? The phone has not given us any issues outside of those expected from a device with its features and specifications. Which makes it a near perfect device in its class.

In addition to the standard 13 month warranty, TECNO offers to replace your screen if it cracks within 3 months of purchase. Not bad at all. I know someone who is always breaking her phone screens like that. I should copy her.

If you have been considering buying one, we have no issues recommending that you do. Mobility Arena Rating: 8.9/10.

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  1. Good review 💪💪💪. Im impressed by the camera outputs. What is the likely cost of this phone in Nigeria??

  2. With this review, I believe the Camon CX is worth the hype: the review tells it all. However, the pictures of the phone are small; it will be better if they are larger like the pictures used in comparison with the LUMIA 950, so that we can have a good virtual feel of the phone’s design.

  3. Screen legibility in direct sunlight is a biggie for me. Would have loved to see how it holds up against the Lumia 950.

  4. Hi Igho,

    I have added information about sunlight legibility under the Hardware/Design section of the review. Thanks for chipping in.

  5. “TECNO, along with Infinix, are two mobile brands you can depend on to support all 4G LTE networks in the country.”

    I beg your pardon but, to my knowledge, this is the first Tecno phone to work with Glo 4G LTE; and Infinix have only one model that does (Zero 4 Plus).
    I know because this has been a deal breaker for me.

    Having said that I’m looking forward to the Camon CX.

  6. I agree.
    S2 Pro offers more RAM and double the ROM, I only wish it also supports Glo 4G LTE.

  7. Pls i want to buy dis but u said d earing volume is not dat loud, but i need a very loud earing volume phone. Dat is why am selling my infinix hot s off because of d lower ear hearing volume despite increasing it to d maximum. Thanks and pls help.

  8. Hello Adekunle,

    Thanks for asking. I did not say that the volume of the CX is low. I mentioned the position of the earpiece as affecting what you hear during calls, but the CX earpiece volume itself is quite good.

  9. The man specifically ask about the ear piece volume and quality during calls.

    I’m very interested in this aspect too. Good in call quality which is loud and has bass. Does the camon CX has such call qaulity. How well does it compare to Samsung Galaxy phones in this aspect.

  10. I have answered him. Pardon the mix-up of words. I have rectified that.

    As for comparison with Galaxy phones, I have no way of confirming that. I would have to compare it with every type of Galaxy smartphone out there.

  11. Hands down Tecno’s best looking smartphone. I’m getting two units for myself and misus. Looking forward to the experience.

  12. Nice review. I saw the phone at slot ikeja. Really beautiful phone and the specs are decent too. Definitely going to get this phone, Saving up for it already.

  13. The Camon CX is a very special phone, one of Tecno’s best devices for sure, it’s just so amazing, see design arghhh

  14. The only not too good thing about the CX is it’s 16GB ROM but even that can be expanded with an SD card so it’s not really an issue, I think it’s a great phone.

  15. I agree with you, there are only very few phones that support all bands of 4G and the CAMON CX is one of them, especially that glo band, makes sense.

  16. I like the design of this phone, it’s super sleek, that’s a plus for me, it makes one look classy and very elegant.

  17. Haha well deserved, you and the bae using top notch smartphones, making us jealous, think you can give me one of the CX? 😀

  18. The phone fine no be small, the Rose Gold colour is the one I admire the most, the specs are okay and it costs about 65k so it’s all good.

  19. This is in fact a nice phone with clear resolution. But am wondering why Facebook after installed, it keeps on disappearing ? But though that’s not a big issue.. The phone is good and I would like to recommend any one looking for a phone to buy this nice camera phone

  20. I was waiting for the Nokia 6 until I saw a Billboard of CXS. I’m from Nairobi. And yes, advertising works – because I bought it on that very day. Here’s how it went down. I did a comparative search with Infinix zero 3 that I currently own, Lenovo, Huawei and HTC. I settled on this phone mainly due to performance, pricing, battery and design. I’m a week old with it but considering how heavy a user I am, I’m yet to be disappointed. This is a superb low budget smartphone. Hands down.

  21. the phone is good but it has earpiece problem is low you can hear the other person clear I had taken the phone cares center they have do all could is still low they gave me other is still low you can not hear the other part in noise Area

  22. how is the performance of the battery of cx air perform because i have hesrd someone complaining that it overheats and requires to be charged after every one hour????is it true?????

  23. Though i am not a tecno person. i referred a friend to your blog and this has helped his choice of new phone.

  24. Kings, this is good to hear. Thank you for the vote of confidence. We will keep pushing to uphold the standards that you have trusted us for. Cheers.

  25. My cx is having similar issue, sometimes it will just be operating by itself until I lock the screen and unlock again, even the middle of the screen stopped working. Any help?

  26. the review is extremely informative.I want t buy one,and iam now now confident enough to.thanks for the review and the comments.

  27. The volume of Camon Cx is not low as perceived. It has settings.
    In order to increase the volume, press the volume increase botton on the side of the phone to the maximum, an arrow pointing down will immediately appear on the upper part of the screen. Tap on the arrow to set the volume to the appropriate level.

  28. mister mo, wc wld u advice for me to get , a tecno cx or infinix note 4 pr.o. am all for performance and phone durability

  29. Mister mo, I visited d market today, nd out dt d prices for note 4 pro without its pen is 65k, while note 4 is 55k, same price for camon cx. Wld it b wise to get the camon cx or note 4, given d price difference, and wld I be missing more if I don’t get d note 4 pro.

  30. You would be missing more RAM, bigger internal storage and slightly bigger battery of the Note 4 Pro.

    Since you saw Camon CX and Note 4 for the same price, they are almost equally matched. The Note 4 has a bigger battery though.

  31. mr mo, i wld be getting the tecno cx today , on a scale of 1-10 hw lasting is the cx 3200mah to the note 4 if i was a heavy user, and shld i be bothered about the reviews i hv been reading on the earpiece been low. i really appreciate your reponse, God bless

  32. Ekene, I have no way of comparing battery performance of both devices directly at this time.

    Also, you should pay attention to what the reviews say if those features mentioned are important to you,

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