The TECNO Camon X is the defacto Camon smartphone of 2018. That means, it has a great focus on the selfie camera. TECNO is marketing

TECNO Camon X Review: Take A Super Selfie

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The TECNO Camon X is the defacto Camon smartphone of 2018. That means, it has a great focus on the selfie camera. TECNO is marketing this as the smartphone to buy if you love to take great selfies. How many smartphones do you know that have a 20-megapixel camera (with flash) at the front? Come find out how good it is in our TECNO Camon X review.

The Camon CM announced earlier in the year was a fore-runner of the Camon X, which in turn is the upgrade to 2017’s Camon CX. So, do not confuse the Camon X with Camon CX (specs; review). CX is a 2017 phone; X is 2018. And from the specs alone, the X is a worthy upgrade for the CX.

But specs are one thing. Actual experience using it is another. We have put the Camon X to use and can now give our verdict.

TECNO Camon CM Review: Quick Pros And Cons

For those who may not want to spend time to read through the whole review, let’s take a quick at the key features of this device, alongside its weak points.

Key Features Cons
Large display with bezel-less design Display is not scratch-resistant
Powerful processor and RAM No 4G-only network mode
Front camera captures great selfies
Face ID and Fingerprint Scanner
Fast charging plus good battery life

TECNO Camon X Review: Hardware/Design

TECNO Camon X review phont top
The device has a slick edge that feels really comfortable to hold. The edges look just like that of a Camon CM. This is because it has a bezel-less design – minimal bezels on all sides. This means that though it has a large 6-inch display, the overall size of the phone is about that of regular phones with a 5.5-inch display.

It also comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back. The Camon X feels comfortable to hold on to and no, it’s not metallic

The USB charging port, mic, speaker and earpiece jack were all built into the bottom edge of the device, making it easier to play songs or listen to voice calls on loudspeaker without having to turn to the back of the device.

Traditionally, TECNO devices have had their speakers at the back of the phone, this made it impossible to place your device (facing up) on any platform to play songs without muffling the sound. Building the speakers at the bottom edge is a really great idea that will ensure better audio and make sure the speakers do not get damaged.

Its other hardware controls such as the volume and power buttons, SIM card and memory card slots are on the right side of the device. The left side of the phone is bare.

TECNO Camon X Review: Software

TECNO Camon X Unboxing booting HiOS
The device runs on the latest version of Android operating system – Oreo (Android 8.1), which in addition to other features, allows you to port directly from an old Android Device to a new one without losing your apps, settings and contacts.

TECNO’s custom user interface gives it the signature look that all TECNO lovers already love (some dislike it, admittedly). That means that if you have used a TECNO smartphone before, you easily recognise where everything is on the phone.

TECNO Camon X Review: Network, Telephony, Data

tecno camon x in hand top
The device comes with support for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE mobile networks. I were able to update the Facebook app with the device’s 4G network and it was quite fast.

4G LTE internet is great, but again, TECNO has not included a 4G Only network mode. What is available is listed as “LTE (recommended), meaning auto mode. The Camon X will switch network automatically between 4G, 3G, and 2G, depending on available network conditions at your location.

The voice calls we made were good as well. I forgot to mention the device almost sounds like it is on loudspeaker while making voice calls. It is that loud.

TECNO Camon X Review: Display and Multimedia

The device display is bright and good for viewing photos and watching videos. The display resolution is okay. It isn’t bad but not superb either. Consumers of video content will appreciate the big 6-inch screen. Audio quality is good as well.

For music, BoomPlayer is built into the Camon X and lovers of the app will be glad to know that TECNO included a music voucher in the box (see our Camon X unboxing).

TECNO Camon X Review: Photography

tecno camon x camera in hand
Apart from its other enticing specs, the Camon X’s photography is going to be one of its major selling points in the market. It comes with a powerful 16-megapixel rear camera which has a ring flash, and a 20-megapixel camera at the front with dual flash for those who love taking selfies, especially at night.

The first time we saw the selfie camera specs on the pack, I literally opened my mouth in shock. A front camera with 20 megapixels lens and flash! We quickly put it to the test and found that it produces photos with really good image quality even in a default mode.

We have a few camera samples for you!

Here is a selfie shot with Bokeh:
tecno camon x selfie with bokeh

Selfie shot without Bokeh:
tecno camon x selfie without bokeh

Back Camera
tecno camon x main camera shot

None of these photos were touched up. You can only imagine what it could do if effects and filters are applied while taking shots. We have two more shots to show you to illustrate how well the 4x zoom feature on the camera works.

More Shots
tecno camon x camera landscape

Here is a photo of the above building with 4x Zoom:
tecno camon x camera landscape cropped

What do you think of the Camon X’s photography game?

TECNO Camon X Review: Facial Recognition

In addition to fingerprint recognition, the Camon X has facial recognition too, which is made possible by the solid selfie camera we just looked at above.

It works well too. The phone picked faces immediately for unlocking. So, if you want to be the cool kid on the block, you can choose to unlock your phone with facial recognition instead of fingerprint or a PIN or pattern.

TECNO Camon X Review: Multitasking/Performance

TECNO Camon X Unboxing unboxed content spread out
The TECNO Camon X is the most powerful Camon smartphone till date. More accurately, we can call it the 2nd most powerful, if we consider that its twin, the Camon X Pro pips it slightly with its bigger RAM. Thanks to it’s 3GB RAM and 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor, the Camon X runs smoothly, even when you have to run multiply tasks at the same time. I ran 9 tasks at first and these tasks only used up 1GB of the RAM size.

Internal storage is only 16GB, but there is a memory card slot you can put a micro-SD card into for extra storage.

TECNO Camon X Review: Battery life

tecno camon x charging - TECNO Camon X Review nairaland
The non-removable battery of 3750mAh capacity does not take long to charge up, thanks to lightning charge built-in. For example, the battery was at 67% when we plugged it at one time, and within 5 minutes, it had moved to 87%.

At the time of this review, the battery level is just around 68% and it estimates 10h 49m left before it empties. Don’t forget to check our quick guide on how to charge your phone battery correctly.

TECNO Camon X Review: Final Words

TECNO Camon X Review Nigeria
The Camon X is a solid phone. There’s the big screen, compact, bezel-less design, very good cameras, good battery life, solid performance, as well as the cool facial recognition system. Looking how packed the new Camon X is, it is safe to say that this phone will be loved by many. It will set you back by about NGN59,000.

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  1. All the specifications on this device are good except the 16GB storage, I heard Camon X Pro comes with 64GB storage, so 32GB should be given to Camon X instead. Tecno should have rethink on that.

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