10 stunning photos of the TECNO Droipad 8D

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We have some beautiful TECNO Droipad 8D photos to share with you. This 8-inch 4G LTE tablet from TECNO Mobile has got the looks.

TECNO’s Droipad range of tablets just got a new member, the Droipad 8D. It is a sleek, full metal, 8-inch tablet with 4G LTE capability. It really feels like a well built device. You can check out the TECNO Droipad 8D specifications.

Enjoy the following photos of this beautiful tablet.

TECNO Droipad 8D photos

Droipad 8D photos 1

Droipad 8D photos 2

Droipad 8D photos 3

Droipad 8D photos 4

Droipad 8D photos 5

Droipad 8D photo 6

Droipad 8D photo 7

Droipad 8D photo 8

Droipad 8D photo 9

Droipad 8D photo 10

We have tested it out and can confirm that the Droipad 8D works fine with Smile’s 4G service. It is dual SIM and has a dedicated microSD card slot as well. We find it odd though that the user interface is not HiOS. Perhaps that will come with an update?

As you can see from the photos, the Droipad 8D is a beautiful, solid tablet that oozes taste. This 2016 release from TECNO certainly looks and feels like a device you want to carry into a business meeting or be seen with at that conference.

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